Amateur road racing around Taipei

Hello people.

Does anyone know if there’s much of a criterium racing or TT scene in or around the Taipei area?

I’m currently in London, but I’m going to be out of work for a few months from April and I’m currently weighing up my options of what to do. I need to train for some endurance events, but I love my crits and I’m wondering if I head to Taipei will there be much racing I can do.

There’s a cracking crit scene in London, but the pimples in SE England pale into insignificance compared to the mountains in Taiwan (I’m from a mountainous area originally), so I may come anyway, but would appreciate any advice anyone can offer.

Peace out

Hi Legs,

Others know more on this but there is some racing in Taiwan for sure. Crits however are few and far between mainly due to a lack of empty roads plus poor bike handling skills/fear of crashing IMHO (many cyclists here, myself included, have very little paceline experience). Longer road races though there are quite a few, and it seems more are being organized as road cycling grows here.

Big hills however we have in abundance, right on the doorstep all around Taipei. If you’re on Strava you can TT on a ton of climbs and put your times up against the locals.

Thanks for the reply. Lady ShutUpLegs has actually found some Taiwanese bike forum where all the racing is posted so I’m good to go now.

As for the cycling, on previous holidays I used to do a nice regular loop north of Taipei over to Jinshan(?) and back, and spent some time down in Chiayi which was even tougher. Taiwan is currently my favourite cycling destination.

If I do head over I will post up and see if anyone would like to join me on some sociable paced rides over dem hills.


Very few of the local races are crits, most are longer distance one-way, start-to-finish affairs (with the odd looping route: three laps of 15 km does not a crit make, though).

The Giant Cup held annually in Dazhia near Taichung features a 5 lap ~10 km “crit” (all flat apart from a 3 km false flat that’s a perfect place NOT to start a breakaway) in the morning, and a 2-3 km hill sprint in the afternoon (averaging 9-10% or so).

You could do worse than join the Columbus cycling team, based around Sean Huang’s Columbus high end bike shop in Tienmu, opposite the baseball stadium. It has the highest percentage of big noses in an amateur team in Taiwan (10-15% or so), so there are more chances of shared communications if you’re not good at mandarin.

At least hook up with them for some very fast training rides over YMS most weekends and up Shooter’s Hill Wednesday (?) nights.

March 9 there’s a crit taking place in Danshui with a hill climb TT the next day. Part of the national club series: … =769&no5=C

Guys thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Although I’m still stuck in the UK, it seems there will be enough to keep me satisfied when I get to Taipei, and it looks highly lightly we’re going to move there to stay anyway.

@the bear, that is the website the mrs found so she can help me out, but cheers none the less.