Amazing French Restaurant in Chiayi: Corner 161

Someone PM’d me about an amazing French restaurant I stumbled upon in Chiayi so here is the scoop. I have no connection to this restaurant other than really enjoying it.

The name is Corner 161, on You’ai Lu.

This French Restaurant in Chiayi is amazing. Service, quality, and presentation were all amazing. I was essentially stunned. I travel to Paris and France frequently and the food is as good or better than many restaurants there. I really can’t say enough. It is high on my list as one of the best restaurants in Taiwan. As funny as it sounds, if I closed my eyes, it seemed like I was enjoying a wonderful evening meal in a nice restaurant in Paris.

Prices are in the NT$1000 and up range, but worth it.
No. 161, You’ai Rd, West District, Chiayi City, 600
座位 60 平均消費 700

Thanks for info, I will try soon!