Amazing Guy!

You may not have read the story of the tourist who was suddenly and repeatedly stabbed for no reason as he sat on a subway train in NY last week, and was apparently going to die. Turns out he’s out of the hospital and looking forward to finishing his vacation. Amazing story about a remarkable guy. :slight_smile:

[quote]Texan Who Was Stabbed in Subway Leaves Hospital

One week after a knife blade pierced his heart, Christopher McCarthy left St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center this morning with plans to return and finish the tour of New York that came to a violent end last week aboard a subway train.

Mr. McCarthy was the first of four people who were stabbed in Manhattan in a 13-hour rampage that that the police say was committed by a 20-year-old Boston man who apparently chose his victims at random. . .

There’s so much to do," he said. "My girlfriend, she’s so organized, she has pages of all the stuff we’d like to see.”

Mr. McCarthy, 21, appeared frail but got out of his wheelchair to stand and speak to a large crowd of reporters for several minutes on the sidewalk outside the hospital on West 114th Street.

He seemed nervous and spoke softly as he thanked all those who helped him in the moments after the late-afternoon attack and in his recovery. “It’s just a miracle that I’m able to stand and walk,” he said.

When asked if he had any words for Kenny Alexis, the man charged in all four stabbings, Mr. McCarthy began to speak, then froze for several moments and seemed unsteady on his feet. Family members rushed to steady him, but he quickly regained his composure.

"I just forgive him and just love more," Mr. McCarthy said.

Dr. Raymond V. Wedderburn, chief of St. Luke’s Division of Trauma and Critical Care, said that Mr. McCarthy should make a full recovery, despite losing at least 60 to 70 percent of his blood after the knife punctured his right ventricle. . .

“When you get to New York, you know, it’s a beautiful place,” Mr. McCarthy said. “When you first get here and really see the city. That’s why everyone has the ‘I Love New York’ shirts. It’s true.”

He said he had come to New York with the usual warnings in his ears that New Yorkers were rude, but had found just the opposite. He gave particular thanks to George Dempsey, a former Navy paramedic, who first rushed to his side in the subway.

“Everyone has their stereotypes of being cold and heartless,” Mr. McCarthy said. “I’ve only felt warm feelings from everyone.” He said that when he returns home he hopes to contact his well-wishers, many of them strangers, who sent him cards and gifts.

When he finished speaking, Mr. McCarthy sat down in his wheelchair. His mother, Chi McCarthy, knelt at his side and kissed and pressed his hand to her face as she sobbed.[/quote] … ubway.html

Hmmm. I didn’t hear this in the news last week. He’s a remarkable guy.

Them Texans, you know.
Yeah, though. All joking aside. What a great attitude.