Amazon Fire Stick

Anybody here using Fire stick in Taiwan? I keep getting the location error 5505 when trying to use Prime Videos
I changed my location address in my normal Amazon account, de/re-register my firestick, restarted, cleared the app for Video data/cash. However it still doesn’t work.
My smart TV works though… anybody know how to fix?

Are you talking about the streaming service? That should work.

Anything else from AP is region blocked, though. AFAIK anyway.

You need to use a DNS mask and set it up manually in the device (or at the router I suppose) for it to work… I assume, to the US. I should say, this is one way I know it will work.

yea the Prime Video streaming service. Not sure why it won’t work on Firestick.

I doubt its strictly a IP issue, since Prime Video is available in Taiwan now, and it also works on my computer/tv.

i just bought one on a trip back home. so far nothing tv related works, gonna try a vpn or something.

I talked to Amazon USA help desk. Apparently FireStick device itself is region restricted. But the service via computer/phone APP/SmartTV can still stream Prime Video content. Kinda stupid only FireStick doesn’t work.

You should just get an android tv box, from me. :slight_smile:

How does Kodi work on it? Kodi on firestick is not working really well anymore. Not many streams and the ones that do come out, alot of them won’t play. It might be a wifi issue though… since its on firestick.

This is because Firesticks are too slow and have no memory. Therefor they cannot run the necessary software to allow kodi to reach its potential. With a box you can run an ethernet cord to it giving it faster speeds. It also has more ram and a faster processor. Not all boxes are created equal though. I usually get the newest top of the line box and then install whatever build I want to on it. The one I am running now is pretty much awesome. I have live tv from around the world, movies, shows, and sports.

Would you care to share which app/software you use on Kodi to do this? I am running it on a Raspberry Pi 3 if that makes any difference.


I was actually just starting to read about the raspberry pi machines, but haven’t messed with them yet.