AMC 空中美語 Zhubei City

What can be said about this school and their hiring?

I gave a 2 hour demo (2 classes), but I was not told anything about the school or their methods. I was given a copy of materials, and that was it. I was paid for the demo and left. I contacted the person contacting me about it, and she said she would get with the school.

A day or so later, I was asked to demo (the word used was “substituting”) again, for another 2 hours. This time the “manager” was supposed to be there and watch. She came in late, looked around and left. After the class, I was told to wait in the office. I was paid and that was that.

I talked with another of the English teachers there, and he said he had been “substituting” for a few weeks now.

Is this the new MO for schools?

Should’ve been the first red flag. A demo, short for demonstration, is just a short sample of the teacher’s ability. I’m not an expert on legal matters like others here, but teaching for 2 hours without a contract and getting paid in cash like it never happened sounds pretty fishy.

I’m subbing for my current employer, using a spousal ARC. Signed a contract the day of my interview (given my own copy, they’re keeping the other) after watching the teacher I’m currently subbing for, was shown their class rules, schedule, guidelines, etc. And I punch my timecard in every day. So I’ll be awaiting pay at the end of the month.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s the new normal. But that definitely explains why so many ineligible candidates were responding to advertisements looking for substitute teachers. One in particular I have in mind was/is from India using a tourist Visa, and is somehow under the impression anyone can legally sub classes.

Yeah, all my demos in the past have been 30 minutes to an hour, AFTER hearing about the school. With exception of William School, where I sat in on a class for 5 minutes and offered a contract, no demo. (it was very rush, rush there. my wife wasn’t allowed to read the contract or were we allowed to take it home)

This AMC sounded promising, but it sounds like they just want teachers to sub for them.

So, I am gullible. Anyone have a bridge for sale?

With your spousal ARC you are safe in terms of permission to work, but your income from these demos is still taxable (unless these demos were lectures and therefore gaofei, which they may well have been – I wasn’t there, so how would I know?).

If you don’t have an employment relationship with the buxiban (which you probably don’t unless you signed a contract or taught there on a regular basis), you shouldn’t be subject to the usual insurance rules.

I’ll get back to you about the bridge. :bridge_at_night: