AmCham - bang for the buck?

Am thinking of joining AmCham both for networking and social purposes. Would be interested in anyone’s thoughts on individual vs. corporate membership and if it’s possible to get discounts from the stated rates. The individual members are NT$15K to join and NT$22K annual dues. Corporate are NT$20K to join and NT$33K annual dues, and are transferrable.

Any thoughts on getting discounts, or AmCham vs. ETTC would be most appreciated.

Many thanks! :notworthy:

I would go to some of their events and check it out, you can still goto all their events if you are not a member too,

I was a member this past year and only went to a couple events so for me it was not worth it

Fred Smith is a member, which you could mention when you’re trying to get a discount.

Many thanks for the helpful replies. I wasn’t aware that many events are open to non-members as well. :notworthy:

Yes if you are a member you will get a discount on admission to the events, some can be expensive but if it is directly related to what you do it is worth it.

And do double check to make sure you are signing up for AmCHAM and not AmWAY!