AmCham Internet Marketing Workshop - Series 1 of 3


AmCham Internet Marketing Workshop <Series 1>:
“Increasing Sales through the Internet – The Power of Internet Marketing”

The Latest Marketing buzzwords that you might have heard of these days are Online marketing (aka as Internet marketing) vs Offline Marketing (traditional marketing through the use of print, radio and TV). You wonder what’s the big deal with Internet Marketing?

Well, my friend, the big deal is that with forecasts of internet access becoming available to **a billion people worldwide and up to approximately 845 million regular Internet users, you want your business to tap into and utilize these numbers. With proven benefits of:
• Increased sales
• Positive customer client growth
• Improved product branding
• Enhanced global exposure
• Reduced advertising and marketing costs and
• Higher Return of investments

**numbers have been provided by

Internet Marketing is revolutionizing how companies attract businesses and interact with their clients.

Join local web guru, Francis J. Morris, in his 3-part workshop with the American Chamber of Commerce to better understand the various online marketing methods available, the benefits of each and how to avoid the pitfalls and scams commonly used so as to better protect your business. Internet Marketing strategies to be discussed include:
• Viral Marketing
• PPC web promotion aka Pay-Per-Click
• Website Optimization
• Forms of online advertising

Note: AskMorris Inc. will provide certification to members and guests who complete all three of the seminars.

About the Speaker
Francis J. Morris has lived in Taipei for more than 12 years. He has followed the web industry for several years and currently runs AskMorris Inc., a global web solutions company that helps foreign and local businesses make smarter and more user friendly web systems & sites. AskMorris’ clients include esteemed companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, ICRT, IBM, Caterpillar/CML, EMG.& Chanel

SPEAKER: Francis J. Morris, CEO, AskMorris Incorporated []
DATE & TIME: Tuesday, August 1, 2006, 9:00-11:30
VENUE: Grand Formosa Regent Hotel /Noble House (1F)
41 ZhongShan N Rd, Section 2, Taipei / 台北晶華酒店, 台北市中山北路二段41號
COST: Member: NT$2,600 / Non-member: NT$3,600 (price is inclusive of breakfast)

Interested parties,
please RSVP: Doreen Lee
T: (02) 2581-7089 ext 213 E- mail:

I have heard Francis Morris speak before. A little basic for knowledgeable internet users, but entertaining all the same. He is knowledgeable, but frequently speaks in a condescending arrogant tone to the audience. Despite this tone, he uses it to his comedic advantage.

I’ve heard Francis Morris speak as well and have no idea how he came across as arrogant. He is anything but. I met him a few years ago when he solved some technical problems that had stumped the engineers at a company I was then working for. I was really impressed with his ability to explain what had happened in an easy-to-understand manner. I didn’t understand all of the technical aspects (I’m a simple web designer), but he certainly did. (Some of the engineers were embarassed that he had identified and corrected the problem so quickly, but they did admit to the boss that he was exactly right.) I had some performance issues with my own notebook and he actually took the time to sit down, examine it and showed me what I had done wrong. I offered to pay him and he just laughed. What a nice guy. I went to his company’s website and found some useful tools. I still subscribe to his free newsletter and would recommend it to anyone working in the IT field. I see him on occasions as we have some mutual friends and he is always pleasant and fun (so is his wife). [He’s referred to as “the Guru” behind his back because all of us go to him for technical help and he never fails to deliver. We’ve given up trying to stump him-- he is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met in the IT field.] Arrogant? That isn’t the Francis I know. Extremely knowledgeable, definitely. Perhaps I’m biased because I know him personally, but I think I’m being honest in his defense. I will make every effort to attend his next speech because I will actually learn something useful. Now if I could just find a date for the event…

I haven’t attended any of Francis’ speeches yet, but AskMorris is currently constructing our brand new website and it is looking great. Their services are fantastic.
Francis, as he says himself, is a geek, but far from arrogant. I am sure the coming speeches will be very informative to everybody wanting to boost their sales with online marketing.

Francis is The Man when it comes to anything related to internet and computers. I have never attended one of his speaches, but his astute sense of humor, unquestionable logic, and imense knowledge are sure to make this event worth visiting. See Ya There …

I have heard Francis speak and I recognize the condescending tone when he talks. I don’t think he is completely aware of it, but it does get tiresome if you already have an IT background. He is well-intentioned and knowledgeable, but his expertise is not deeply technical

I do not mean this in a bad way. He specializes in educating web neophytes, which is good and important because there are many newbies who will help their businesses by becoming more accessible.

This seems to me to be his target customer. Small to medium sized enterprises that look to the Internet as a channel because they do not have rich marketing budgets. There are many out there to build a solid business

hmm… 3 glowing posts on this topic all from posters with less than 2 posts… interesting

All with the same join date no less…

I’ve never heard Francis Morris speak, but isn’t he speaking about how to flood people with annoying spam? :saywhat:

All with the same join date no less…[/quote]
see this is how tech dense I am I never would have noticed that!!! … opps shouldn’t have admitted that :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha. Behold the POWER of INTERNET MARKETING!!!

Honestly, he is well worth going to hear. I am quite knowledgeable in IT hardware, web marketing, internet advertising and web design, but I still enjoyed it and I would much rather have him making my website than a local company. However, his tone can be annoying, but tolerable and sometimes funny when he is making fun of other people’s stupidity.

Just to clarify, Spam isn’t really part of internet marketing. Though it does use the internet to market a product or service, there are other means of introducing a service or product that are more legitimate, more effective and non-intrusive in comparison.

An example of one of the non-intrusive methods used is called “Opt-in email”. What it is, in short, is having consumers choose to receive content from companies whether this content be in the form of a product, service, latest news or promotion re the business. The way this is usually done is that visitors/consumers visit a website and find the content of the website useful and so they want to receive information about it. Though this may seem like an obvious service to offer, many times businesses here in Taiwan forget to provide this service or only use it as a promotional tool. They forget to provide relevant content thus losing valuable customers - which is a pity because the costs and ROI for this service is pretty low compared to say, traditional methods of marketing.

Anyways, these methods and others will be covered in the workshop. And again, everybody is invited to participate :slight_smile: