America First - America Only - America Lonely


Still got Nicaragua and Russia.


Yawn… Our “friends” have deserted us sooooo many times before. I imagine a little threat from the usual suspects will have new paeans being written to express the debt of gratitude, etc. etc. etc.


No, it’s Nicaragua and Syria. Russia signed the damn thing.


Syria is trashed, Nicaragua isn’t in the climate agreement and Russia doesn’t have to care since it’s non binding.

Trump is an idiot!

Sorry, tumpsters are idiots.


Not following your logic. If it’s non-binding, what does it matter if Trump signs it or not? If it’s non-binding and you sign it, doesn’t that make you even more of an idiot?


Great. Feel free to share exactly how the Paris Treaty would reduce global warming (SORRY!!! CLIMATE CHANGE!!!). I see yet another large bureaucracy that will hire lots of bureaucrats to attend meetings and issue reports. In the meantime, the private sector is developing new solutions to perceived problems and it not any international effort, particularly one involving “governments” is going to solve that. Witness: hunger and poverty. Where have the greatest accomplishments taken place? and were they due to “government action?” I don’t think so…


I know you Trumpsters won’t get it.

Like, I’d appreciate that. It’s for free!


By “free,” you mean the U.S. shells out $3 billion a year to the Third World countries, who keep polluting to their little heart’s content as they laugh all the way to the bank? Like they say, nothing is really free.

And explain to me again how a bunch of globalist douchebags flying to Paris in their Carbon Footprint-brand private jets and signing a non-binding agreement does anything to reduce the threat of “climate change.” Who are the idiots again?


By proclaiming!

When Merkel announced she would put 1000 000 E-cars onto German streets by 2020, China, Japan, France and California started to invest heavily into E-cars. Merkel did not do anything.
The results are clear to see for everyone.

When she announced Germany would be all renewable soon, everyone invested in wind and solar. The results are obvious as well.
Merkel did not sponsor the German Solar industry. She ran it into the ground.


Maybe the next time those globalist douche bags get together they can make better use of their time by forming a drum circle and sending out positive “global cooling” vibes into the ether. It would be a lot cheaper, and probably much more effective than what they did for the Paris agreement. Oh, and make sure they ride to Paris on their private dolphins so they can lower their carbon footprints. It’s just the right thing to do.


Too much political correctness!


You can never have too much of a good thing! Except for chocolate and ice cream…


Ain’t got nobody…


Short term, american sucks. Long term, it will come around again. And every countries politicians know that.


They are no more laughing at us blablabla…
I am laughing even more after this stupid immature move.

We the leaders of the world want to save the world!
We all sign a non-binding agreement to show good will and intend.
Trump, “No, you were laughing at me, I don’t want to save the world.
You see, who is stupid now? Enymenybebe you are all covfefe”.


It is non-binding as many actors would be out for their own interests. Signing the deal meant at least some action was taken. It would be interesting to see if China follows through and actually moves to reduce pollution and increase air quality.

Or, you could just look at it as “so what?” and “who cares?” and I think that is what senor orange is doing. He wants everyone to be the same shade of orange as him!


Bloomberg says he’s willing to pay the US share out of pocket. Let’s see if he follows through.

At any rate, follow the money…

German automakers are squawking about losing their competitive advantage. An insight into what this is really all about.

Hey, remember when all the usual suspects were complaining it was a bad deal? Now that The Donald says the same thing…


As with the failed Kyoto Protocol and then the failed Kyoto Treaty, I would like to understand from those who continue to defend these treaties and policies and procedures and pacts and such, JUST WHAT IS IT that this was going to solve/resolve and why do we need to give hundreds of billions to poor countries to help them “adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change” when they have shown/demonstrated no absolute no ability to handle such funds for anything else including the basics like education, trash collection and hahahahah HEALTH CARE!!! (note my emphasis as I am sure to hear more about this particular area and third world countries, amirite?) ahahhahahahaah


In the silly questions section -since we cannoty determine yet it is “fake news”- why is US/45 spilling the beans regarding foreign intellingence? I mean, stuff like releasing the name of the Manchester bombing before the British authorities gave the all clear? Just to be the first to Tweet it? Or to piss those he thought looked down on him? Now that is a way to get America lonely.


Why don’t you ask the clown in the office.