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No, he explained the republican downward spiral.

Reagan, Bush, and now Trump.
I wonder what/who will be next?


Reagan, Bush, and now Trump.
I wonder what/who will be next?

Pence if the Democrats manage to impeach Trump for getting two scoops of ice cream or some other silly nonsense they are working hard to make up.


hes going down its because of his own dumbness.

Nothing to do with anybody else hes a dumb muthafucka.


Covfefe to you :rofl:


The dumb muthafucka ripped though 17 Republican candidates , then though the most biased set of media and even Republicans who went never Trump, yet he is President. At some point you need to leave fantasy world and reflect on reality.


Doesnt stop a lot of dumb muthafuckas voting for him ::slight_smile:

They invented Twitters word limit just for him.

Senile or just born with a low IQ. Take your pick.


I bet a lot of dumb muthafuckas voted for him, but don’t get your point


Its okay its fake news.
Its a konspirazy.

My mate Putin said it.


Lazy, thats what the left have become.


Nah he just dumb.

PS Tucker Carlson, wasn’t he in Cannonball Run 2?


I suppose you think Ambassador Rodman going to North Korea and presenting an official with a book the art of the deal is dumb too?

Oh sorry, you are on the “we are actually taking any of this seriously time line” .



[quote=“Mick, post:62, topic:160712, full:true”]
impeach Trump for getting two scoops of ice cream[/quote]

That reminds me of the Southeast Asian PM who was impeached for having a cooking show, about ten years ago. (There was a constitutional prohibition against having another job while in office. He said it was just a hobby, but apparently he was being paid for it.)


[quote=“yyy, post:73, topic:160712, full:true”]

If he ordered mint choc chip over rum raisin or cookies and cream I might agree there were grounds for impeachment for just having bad taste.

Getting to the point of absurdity now, after 6 months of “Trump colluded with Russia” we find out there was no conclusion and no investigation of Trump so now we are onto “Trump obstructed” a non investigation. Good luck with that one, it also seems trump didn’t bite a the blatant attempt to try and get him to dismiss the special council, so I guess the left will own the mockery coming their way over the coming months.


He’s getting all the scoops of whatever.


I’d be willing to bet that even more dumb muthafuckas voted for Hillary. Good thing it didn’t work.


Yeah its working out so well.


Indeed, indeed. Glad you agree. :slightly_smiling_face:


Time for a new acronym: NGTOW.

Nations Going Their Own Way.

This is a good thing for the societies that have their act together or can get it together. It’s a bad thing for dysfunctional societies, on whom we’re basically terminating life support.

(Venezuela, for example, will be allowed to go under. Neighboring nation states can divvy up the pieces. Thus a sorry social experiment will be brought to a belated end.)

But let’s face it. Globalism is just colonialism’s retarded bastard child. It’s colonialism as charity work - in denial.

Oh, and all this talk about mutual cooperation being in everyone’s best interest? Anyone who’s been in a class group project knows how that really works. The nations who can help each other will make their own ad hoc arrangements amongst themselves, just as they always have. The hopeless nations can sit in the corner and eat paste.


Macron landslide har har har.