America iz boring AF


Meetups for drinking.

You have sparked my interest.


I don’t get the car club thing honestly (somewhat for classic and vintage cars maybe). I have a Honda civic, you have a Honda civic, let’s go around driving Honda civics together. It comes across as very materialistic (I know I am in the wrong continent).

Same with bike clubs here they all have to ride the same bikes or wear similar bike gear. It has to be branded.
Then the parents in my kids sports team had these t-shirts made and they want everybody to wear the same corny T-shirt.
I just hate that shit I had enough of it in school!

They probably have clubs for Thermos flasks and Primus fucking stoves here!


Europe has those too though. Golf GTI, BMW M3, Audi S3 enthusiasts get together and talk about their hobby.


I’m sure they do. I had a female friend once who was into cars (some guys dream gf right ) and she was waffling on about the latest version of this or that once. I just said they all look pretty similar to me (which is true there’s very little difference in mainstream car designs or colours ) we hardly ever spoke again :disappointed_relieved:.

This is my excuse to post this.


I’m about to test the waters and return to the US. Haven’t been long in TW but long enough to get the appeal. I won’t miss the west coast air quality and I’ve had enough of the oppressive heat, but people generally being decent to each other after living in NYC for 25 years has been great. I don’t think TW is particularly exciting in any sense. It’s just inoffensive and hospitable. TW wife and I will live in Portland where I have family. I’m itching to return to making things, gardening, and having some outdoor space. Who knows, we may return…
I seriously once had a conversation with a woman at JFK who told me she didn’t know how people with two kids could get by on less than 500k per year in NYC. It’s a far cry from what it was when I moved there and all the desperation and fear have ensured I’ll likely never move back. Visit once a year, absolutely. It makes everywhere else I’ve been look like a cultural wasteland.


Different people are into different things. I’m a car guy, always have been. Went to Singapore a couple of months ago just to see the F1 race live. Sure, I can get a better view of the race watching it on TV. But it was my first time seeing it live and really enjoyed the atmosphere and buzz of the event. It was a great experience, but something I’m guessing you wouldn’t enjoy, and that’s ok!

I have friends who are not into cars at all and think like you. The clubs are just ways for people who have similar interests to share their experiences and enjoy their hobbies with others of like minds. And there are some clubs, especially bike clubs, which are not necessarily brand specific. Just two-wheel enthusiasts who enjoy going on group rides together.


Get involved in the political scene. I know if I was a yank, and had to move back, that’s what I would do. I’d move to Lindsay Graham or that turtle-faced fecker’s district and run an all out war against them.


I am not really talking about racing enthusiasts or cyclists, just that adults only affiliation is that they buy the same kind of car or bike or sneaker . Have to wear the same branded cycling gear . It’s childish to me. It’s the ultimate marketing success though when you get people to do that.

You also erroneously assume , just ike my ex friend that I don’t like cars. I went to Grand Prix and Formula One decades before you! I actually do like cars, especially electric cars or vintage cars like 60s and 70s muscle csrs. ones with more unique designs . But modern car design is very limited due to safety and environmental restrictions and the fact they share a lot of the same components.


Maybe they just enjoy it and it makes them happy.


Maybe they should, I think they look like materialistic kidults. We are all good then.


When I drove with the bmw enthusiasts, they had all kinds of BMWs. From older to the latest. And almost everyone had modified their cars in some way. They weren’t all the same.


which one did you have?


2011 E90 335i

I loved that car. Wish I still had it. Cars are so cheap in the US.


Allah Inshalla


Those are really nice. I also like the 135i.


This. So much this!

I wish my kids had a yard they could play in, build a tree house, run through sprinklers on the grass. Watch the seasons change as the colors change in the yard. A place to have a barbecue get together, lounge in the not too oppressive sun, have a garden, etc.

Instead…I own a flat sandwiched between an upstairs and downstairs neighbor and a concrete jungle to play in.

I am itching to go back too. But my roots have started to set in here.


You can buy farmland in Utah for US$3-4k per acre right now.

Why not try to buy a little bit of land each year? A, it should help you connect with your daydream and B, it will give you a reason to go back to visit now and then. And it’s a real investment that you may be able to retire upon someday. Or sell at a profit. You could have a helluva garden and lots of trees on as little as 3 acres, maybe less.


You can grow a Cannabis farm.


You can get a farm and grow cannabis.


Good point, Utah just legalized cannabis.

Hmmm. It just might be a very good time to invest in American farmland.