America iz boring AF


Wow. I cannot believe I am just now learning about this breed. I have definitely seen them hundreds and hundreds of times without ever knowing what they were, just assuming they were some mutt.

I gotta get me a Taiwan Dog! :taiwan:


I have big one (18 kg) and a smaller one, like mid-sized (12 kg)


from what i’ve heard they are pretty easy to take care of other than being a bit ‘wild’ plus they gotta be some of the most good looking dogs ever. and hey, you can pick one up from the streets or from a shelter so its a good deed! if i ever get a stable life here i’m gonna own one for sure.


Some of them are really strong too (prob depends on mix) but they aren’t really aggressive. They definitely aren’t small dogs.

The story goes that they are the original hunting dogs of the Aborigines. They kind of dogs that would hang out on the edge of the village . There is some debate on that and how ‘pure’ they are, but you can definitely see they are suitable for the environment here.


They should have a blue spotted tongue.


Yeah and the spots in the ears or something. They are very robust dogs but not loud or aggressive. They probably need a lot of exercise ?


Nice house, and it looks well cared for. Plenty of room. Nice bay window in the living room. Yards are pretty big but would be super easy to mow and trim. You could probably have a pretty impressive garden in the backyard, raised-beds or in-ground (assuming no HOA). You could probably also extend the back porch into a deck and have space for barbecuing and entertaining.

And built in 2015, too, so all the housing materials are nearly new. Might be possible to put a deck in the backyard and update the kitchen, and get a very nice ROI on both when you want to sell (I was always looking equally hard at how easily I could get out).

Just about impossible to sell a house on the East coast unless it has all stainless/quartz/marble/natural-wood floors and state of the art (i.e., could be on an HGTV or DIY program) bathrooms. Utah appears to be gentler to my eye. Better mountains, too.


As a 17 year old I couldn’t agree more. The US is so boring compared to Taiwan. I can’t go to a school at 8pm at night and find a huge group playing basketball, or sing KTV, or go to night markets. Also since I live in the suburbs I can’t go to a shopping mall like five minutes away or anything. Life is just too boring in the US.


Bud is a great beer. Great for the long Taiwan.summers.


That’s why Netflix was invented in the US.


Everyone says this at 17. All the kids in Taipei say this and can’t wait to go to the US. I think college in the US or Europe will be more fun tbh.


Oh how I miss this


growing/selling weed still not easy, as the Feds have their own opinion.

that credit union has been fighting an uphill battle.

"It’s also the first time a regional Fed bank has granted such a green light.

“No federal reserve bank has ever gone on record to say that a marijuana-related business can be banked, even if it’s an ancillary business,” said John Vardaman, an executive at an ancillary cannabis company who co-wrote a [2014 Department of Justice memo] that gave banks and credit unions tacit approval to serve marijuana businesses."


Winner of least credible post


how so?




Lucky it’s not Summer then.


True. College will be great


that’s capital M for medical. Don’t expect to see recreational any time soon… (Utah)


I’m going to see this guy tonight:

Boring my ass. Convenient as Taiwan? No way. But boring? Puh-hu-lease.