America threatening to ban TikTok shows the West's decline

Definitely better, but by proxy different.

I still prefer Australia over China, but I would choose China over America.

My point isn’t that China is great, but that the difference between the shitty things about China and the West are growing less and less.


the USA

You are talking about shitty things the USA does, not the west as a whole

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The West is the best

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You somehow assume America doesn’t have propaganda.

Propaganda doesn’t mean lies necessarily. All it means is providing information to influence a certain outcome, but it doesn’t tell you if that outcome is good or bad.

The West seeing Chinese propaganda as such a big threat just shows that they know just how easy it is to manipulate people, and that they have infact been doing it all along, and not just in their own countries but also using NGOs in foreign countries to start riots, intall American friendly politicians, orchestrate coups etc.

No one does propaganda better than the West.

Ultimately the best way to end propaganda is to educate people about it, but you see, that would mean making people immune to the propaganda you spew yourself, so it’s doubtful it would happen.


There are still states which have such laws on the book, but since the Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v Texas all forms of sodomy have been permitted -legally, oral sex is included in sodomy- all the way back since 2003.
Though with the current Supremes, and Catholic doctrine forbidding BJs, I wouldn’t expect it to last too long.

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Both. I am sort of using America as the linch pin leading the way, but we can take any other two nations, one from the West and one traditionally considered totalitarian.

Like take Russia and their freedom of speech for example, well, when you look at the statistics Russia has thrown less people into prison for “wrong speak” than the UK.

A really famous and ridiculous case was Count Dancula being sentenced to prison for making his pug do a Nazi salute. The irony of arresting someone for that and then going on to fund Ukraine is not lost on me, but this is also just one high profile case while many, many more cases are there happening.

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Assange is another good example.

It shouldn’t be a suprise that they would be willing to assassinate their own citizens since they do it to foreign citizens all over the world, but it seems like people think only countries like China and North Korea are capable of it.

Assange is about as good as dead now anyway, but when need be, people disappear all the same, and as the West get poorer and has less incentives to bribe people, dissent will grow more and more and I bet you will see them adopting more of the “traditional” practices.

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Is it the giver or receiver who is committing the crime? Or are they both perps?

What happens if one autofellates? Is that also illegal?


It’s not stealing. They’re holding onto data and don’t give the U.S. any jurisdiction over the data they store/collect from their users. This isn’t good when the government needs to do investigations such as the one Facebook had to go through.

Ironically, saying banning TikTok is bad is like saying having consumer privacy laws are bad.


I’m on the fence. I loathe tt and tell my students it’s the devil, but, the capitalist in me silently applauds.

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No, I am openly saying the USA is shitty. there is no argument. please scroll up read my question. How do you propose to tackle this, specifically Chinese.

We have a Hollywood.

Aka Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Venezuela etc

or does one mean eastern west like Australia and New Zealand?

what a dumb language we have. why not just make a new word that says western european funded and developed (and probably oppressed). Any geographic term that describes politics, religion and/or culture is rather silly.

which is now sucking chinese population metrics’ dick. Hulk sized dick, if we are being honest. what goes around, comes around.

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Something is remarkably obvious now, yes. yeesh

ya, it takes some people a few passes :innocent:

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are you this upset about losing your tiktok?

but I found a really good place for you.

try it. you’ll fit right in.

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