American Animal Shelters are Death Camps … n_10515161

Many so called “shelters” for animals are simply Death Camps for them. The mission of a shelter is supposed to find homes for animals, not to kill them . This case was very sad, the cat was never given a chance. And the shelter should have let them take the cat the moment the family showed up. Pay the bill later. We shouldnt allow such “clerical” errors as what happened here.

Granted there are many that do good. Many take animals that are suffering or would suffer in the streets and try to re-home them consciously. And only after a prolonged period are the animals sadly put down if unclaimed.

But there are clearly those who do not belong working at such a place, who do not value LIFE and are wanton and careless and callous.

I propose that they be monitored very closely and every animal taken into a shelter be given an automatic ONE YEAR stay at the shelter in a hope to rehome. Unless they are critically ill and in pain or are animals that are extremely vicious.

When my neighbor was forced to return to live with her family due to having a DUI that suspended her license for years (she was not much older then 18) she begged me to take her cat as she had nobody else to take him and would, on the last day that she had to move have to take her 4 year old cat to a shelter.

I didnt want another cat because the loss of my beloved pet Smudgey after 15 years broke my heart but I knew that the “shelter” ( I really hate to use that word) would simply kill that cat.

MOre then two years with WHOPPER now and I adore him and enjoy his company.

I feel certain he wouldve been put down within the week as virtually nobody wants to adopt an adult cat.

Its a sad state of affairs.

I believe a top to bottom overhaul is in order.

NObody should be allowed to breed animals for sale except licensed companies and individuals.

All dogs and cats domestically owned should be neutered. All such animals should be microchipped and registered to an owner who is responsible and subject to penalties for abuse or wrongful death.

A loss of a cat or dog should be reported just like a car is.

Every effort should be made to find and bring back.

One can give or sell ones pet but new owner needs to be registered.

All stray cats/dogs in neighborhoods should be captured, neutered and returned as the case may be (or adopted).

Millions of cats and dogs worldwide are unwanted and put to death yearly. Many many of these are just kittens and puppies.

When is this going to be curbed?

p.s. i think the shelter in this case should be very heavily fined and the money given to the boy as compensation. The people that trapped the cat should be jailed for six months.