American arrested for smuggling marijuana into Taiwan

1kg into Taiwan. Stupid if you ask me.

"Those found guilty of manufacturing, transporting, or selling class-2 narcotics are subject to life imprisonment or a minimum seven-year fixed-term imprisonment, and may also be subject to a fine of no more than NT$10 million (US$328,663). "

Holy cow, that’s rough.

Teaching position available in Hsinchu, Northern Taiwan.

no sympathy!


7 year minimum sentence.

Compared to the ton of white powder just caught offshore… Still, not a smart move.

As to common security: First question they ask you: did you pack your bags, were they always in your possesion? Are you carrying anything for anybody? Did any stranger give you a pack? They make you open presents to be sure.

The dude is 38 and only got paid 100,000 NT for being a mule (roughly two months of kindy teaching wages). :joy: I cant fathom how someone who is educated and teaching in Taiwan could be that desperate for money. Ive seen dumb, but this takes the cake.