American citizen looking to join Taiwanese Army

This is a lengthy thread on the subject of getting citizenship (the thread begins in 2004 and ends in 2016):

I’m posting a link of the same thread, from the old board (bearing in mind that I’m not sure that the link will always work):

According to Wikipedia, an American named Lin Dao-ming, also called T. C. Lin, became a citizen first, in 1994, and was then drafted into the army in 1995:

Lin discusses some of his army experience here:

This looks like another account, written in 2011, by someone else who was inducted into the army:

For voluntary service, this seems to be a translation of the pertinent law (thanks to @tempogain and @tando):

I got that link from this thread, which is also contained in @WindyTown’s Google results:

I hope this helps, or at least does no harm.