American citizenship renunciation in Taiwan

So I tried renunciation in Taiwan and I can’t unless I re-enter, hopefully this information helps others thinking of doing the same since the embassy has all kinds of weird requirements not documented on their site.

  • you can’t renounce from the US
  • you can’t renounce from Taiwan if you entered with your US passport (only the local TW embassy will tell you this after you register with a local number)
  • you can’t renounce from Taiwan if you don’t have another citizenship
  • you can’t renounce if you don’t have your original naturalization certificate
  • if you were born in the US before 18, it’s harder to renounce, need additional docs (I wasn’t)
  • if you went to the US originally for work purposes, it’s harder to renounce (I didn’t)

Probably some other requirements. The line is 6 months! And if you do make it to the appointment you have to pay the ~2k fee.

Unfortunately for me I have to exit and come back under a different passport.

They’re making it ever more difficult and expensive for productive citizens to escape the coming economic meltdown. It’s worth the effort to get out now though because one day the only way out will be to tunnel your way out.

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Use this excuse to get dual citizenship! I wish my countries made it difficult!

I am pretty sure everyone is born before they are 18.


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Many countries won’t allow you to renounce their citizenship if you don’t already have another citizenship.

Taiwan isn’t one of the signatories.

You mean you think that US authorities will be able to declare anyone a criminal and have them sent back to the US?

And I had no idea it was so hard to renounce. I wonder if it would be easier if Taiwan were to offer dual citizenship to foreigners?

They can, and in fact people have been extradited simply for the fact that they did something that involved the US in some way even though they are not US citizens. For example trafficking drugs and an associate of theirs was caught in the US, using US based mail carrier to do it (for example, Fedex, UPS, etc.), cybercrimes that involve the US. Most countries will bend over backward for the US when it comes to extradition requests because they wield that much power.

Furthermore the US since about 2010 (I really forgot when) made it much harder for Americans to renounce, you know when they increased the fee to 2000. Not sure why but they wanted to be able to go after someone for not paying American tax even if they never been to the US and were accidental US Citizens (born in the US, born to a US citizen abroad, etc.)

Not necessarily politics but any discussion about renouncing US citizenship can’t avoid politics since policies around this are generally politically charged.

I thought Taiwan doesn’t have any extradition treaty with the US?

People do try to escape the US. Why do you think some people try to go to Canada?

Taiwan doesn’t have extradition treaties with the US, but if the US wants you bad enough, they’ll send a few Federal agents and kidnap you. Happened before. Either that or send that “Dog bounty hunter” after you after making a reality show out of it.

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What are you trying to do @jimbob132? Are you trying to become Taiwanese?

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I’m british as well. Just trying to escape from the US tax paperwork. I haven’t worked in the US for the past 8 years.

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Ah i see. I am gonna guess you didn’t enter with your US. If so, you might be able to trade that one for Taiwanese and get a good deal out of it.

I would trade my US citizenship for a Taiwanese one in a second if I could :joy: As long as they don’t make me renounce my other ones.

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Did you enter on your UK? Or US?

I entered on my US and the embassy told me I have to renter on my UK if I want to renounce. Is there some way to just trade in the US one?

If you enter on your UK, the Taiwanese will force you to renounce that. I would wait till your 5 years is up and then start the procedures in the US. You’ll have a better time once you’re a citizen.

You said it’s at least a six month wait. Have you been here long?

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Trade in? How many miles does it have? Did you change the oil regularly?

Six months for the US renunciation appointment, in a country where the embassy isn’t even closed. I’d hate to think what Europe is like.

I just entered Taiwan a few months ago. Took a month for them to reply to my email.

Who was kidnapped by US Federal agents in Taiwan?

I would wait. I know tax paperwork is annoying but I would honestly hang on if you plan to be here.

Are you married to a Taiwanese person?