American citizenship

was wondering american citizenship why is it so good, so many girls want it all over the world. is that so they can move to US with lesser problem or what. Exactly what’s so great about american citizenship? heard stories about girls marrying US citizens just to get citizenship. I guess being american is just cool or something

Maybe it’s because many women from certain countries have more opportunities in the US than they would ever have in their own lands. You might want to read this short bio of Taiwan-born US Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao. Although she didn’t didn’t marry an American in order to immigrate, I think she serves as an example for other foreign women.

Yes, there are more opportunities for Asian women in America. But wouldn’t it be great if more of the Asian girls thought less about escaping and more about staying and at least trying to make a difference in their OWN countries? Harder? Yes. But if no one tries…

Elaine Chao’s accomplishments are admirable, but they’re to the benefit of Americans. Besides that, she immigrated to America with her parents, not via a husband, which was the point of okaythen’s post. It would be nice to see more Elaine Chaos stay put and fight for the causes of Asians.

Actually, the point of the original post was “American citizenship”… not that Asian girls seek the same via marriage. That is merely one way to obtain American citizenship. Many parents do emigrate to the US (and other places) in order to provide their children better or more opportunities.

I find it strange that the original poster would pose this question, when his info indicates that he is living in the US.

tigerman said: “I find it strange that the original poster would pose this question, when his info indicates that he is living in the US.”

Maybe because, now that he’s there, he doesn’t see what all the fuss is about. :wink:

[quote=“Zen”]tigerman said: “I find it strange that the original poster would pose this question, when his info indicates that he is living in the US.”

Maybe because, now that he’s there, he doesn’t see what all the fuss is about. :wink:[/quote]

Perhaps. But what I thought was strange is that he would pose the question on this forum rather than asking any one of the many people in America who have immigrated there. He could get the answer strait from the horses mouth there. Here, he’s most likely to get wisecracks. :wink:


When Nobel Prize winner Lee Yuan-tseh (李遠哲) returned to Taiwan he made a statement to the effect that if he had stayed in Taiwan, he would have never received the Nobel because of the way society and the education system here crushes originality. If he felt it would have been futile here, how much hope would you expect the average young woman to have? Why is it so many Asians have to leave there homelands to reach their full potential?

oh actually I am in Taiwan now…havn’t update my profile in a while

Probably because so many of the Taiwanese and Chinese believe that everything is a zero sum gain: one gets ahead because someone else falls behind. In the US they really do teach that competition is cooperation. By encouraging everyone to be their best you are in fact helping everyone in society by maximizing the potential of every individual for the betterment of all. Might not always happen in the US, but at least it is an ideal that is still strived for by many.

Also, I don’t worry that by being smarter or more hard working I am going to cause someone else in a higher position of authority to lose face. A lot of my Asian female friends that I had in the US that were from Asia had no desire to go back. In the US they felt a sense of freedom and choice that they never had in their home countries, and they did not have to fear repercussions for being better or smarter than a man, either at home or at work.

On the otherhand, I am sure you have met many Asian females that have already lived in the USA and went back to Taiwan with no desire of ever returning to the USA. Likewise, I have met others that live here and have no desire to leave their home country of Taiwan. Then there are still others I have met that do want to live abroad but not in the USA.

Some tell me that the food in the US is not as good as Asian or not to their taste, or that it is boring there compared to a crowded Asian city. Others actually mention the taxes are too high, Another common thing I hear is that their friends and family are too far away so they miss their home, their TV, their radio, music, KTV, etc.

I can understand their feelings as I have lived in Taiwan for over 6 years and the quality of living seems to get better every year.

Finally, I know just as many Taiwanese couples or families that do what they can to move to the States. But I have honestly never met any females that have married just to leave Taiwan. I have heard about that sort of thing in the PRC with an American friend of mine, but not here. Most people I know in Taiwan can move to the US or Canada without having to marry someone to live there and they can marry some rich doctor here and potentially have a better life here than in the USA, which is not their culture or home.

40 years of American cultural influence in Asian countries is bound to have an effect to the way Asians view the “West” (“West” narrowly used for the United States). Fast food, Hollywood, jeans, commercialism and “freedom” have created the notion that America is indeed a better place to be.

Maybe it is; maybe it isn’t. It’s subjective and personal. Many arrive America disappointed and ultimately return home while others flourished and raised families. Maybe it is true what some say that America does have better opportunities, or is it exactly the illusion of such notion that actually propels endurance for hardship and helps drive those who believe in it to success which they claim would have never been possible if they were in their own country (hence believe they would never have a chance to make it)? It’s hard to say. But for some reason, America does seem to “offer” more hope and better life for most (though some “minority” groups there still complain the white men are out to get them and are doing everything they can to suppress them).