American Craft Beer Tasting @ Mayan on XinYi

A California-style bistro / gastropub opened by a native Angelino in the heart of Taipei’s XinYi District.

Aah, it feels like Autumn, time for Oktoberfest and lederhosen, pumpkins and costumes! The grains and hops are fresh from the harvest and all the craft brewers are showing off their very best… Lucky for us!

On 11/9, this month’s beer tasting we will feature of sampling Fall specials from American craft brewers. Some great IPA’s and PA’s from a few of the Left Coast’s best craft brewers will be featured, and there will be a special sampling set menu, as well as other rare craft beers on offer in both 12 and 22oz sizes. 今晚我們可以品味一些美國西部手工啤酒!It’s going to be a great evening!

Feel free to come early for dinner, the Mayan is well-known for its fresh, high quality American, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. Reservations recommended. and please follow us on facebook

See you there!

6 American Craft Beers Tasting Set is 445nt, 30% off normal price. Tasting notes will be provided by Elysian Brewery. Food pairing suggestions will be provided by Mayan. It will start off as an educational, high class affair. Where it ends is another story.

AIT has generously provided some nice lovely Lady Liberty beer glasses for the first 20 people who order the set along with an appetizer or entree of their choice.

Elysian will be providing some free beer T-shirts for the winners of our contests - and the beer you have to drink to get one of those will be FREE!

Did I just say “free beer?” And “free t-shirts?” Even “Free beer t-shirts?” This is like a college kid’s dream come true. Hope its yours too!

BOOK A TABLE to reserve a spot by calling 8789-6292 or just show up before 8pm, there will be spaces in the bar, SRO. If you book and no show the Beer Gods will provide you with many stale beers in 2014, so be legit. Reservations will be VERY LIMITED as we will reserve tables for first-come-first-serve.

Real Beer lovers should also join this group:台愛啤酒/
Most events will be held at the Mayan but every few months we will venture out to other beer Meccas in Taipei if their owners will give us special deals like the Mayan does!

Beer tasting is happening again this Saturday 1/11, and as of Thursday, its not sold out yet! A good chance for newbies to join.

The theme is Winter Brews (Part 2) - a few high ABV’s by our new favorite brewery De Molen, plus a winter ale by Elysian (Bifrost) that has a lovely picture of the Northern Lights on its label. North Americans, particularly those from areas like BC, Humboldt, Mendocino, LA, etc., will appreciate the Op & Top, it has a familiar and lovely flavor, but not so much the flavor of beer. If you taste it, you’ll know. Hmm, interesting.

Booking info is all the same as posted above… See you there!

Here’s the blurb for this weekend’s Craft Beer Tasting at the Mayan 393 Xinyi Sec 4…

Tonight we’ll be sampling all different types of beers. We’ll work our way from a light, crisp pilsner, then work our way through lagers, pale ales, Belgian, IPA, all the way to a creamy black stout.

This will be a real education, perfect beer tasting for beginners who want to learn about the different kinds of beers, or anyone who just might enjoy trying six premium beers in a sitting! A perfect way to kick off the year of the Horse - but no drinking and riding please!

As always, we suggest you book early, these generally sell out at least a few days before the event, but walk-ins are welcome and a second round is served at 9pm for anyone who couldn’t get in on the first round, or just wants another spin of the bottles.