American Eagle Institute working hours

For a part time position with AEI do you work only the hours they pay you for or are there additional responsibilities?
There is a position in Neihu and I want to know if 18 hours truly means 18 hours. Thanks.

It can mean anything. Best thing to do would be to sit down with the manager/boss and work out the details. Anytime they start saying “don’t worry, just a few unpaid hours, everyone does this”, you should start worrying. Iron everything out before hand. Some schools will say 18 hours, but perhaps only 10 those are teaching hours. The rest might be office hours and you might get paid less for that. Some schools might say 18 hours but then expect you to be there an additional xxx hours (unpaid).

I’ve only worked in 1 cram school and when they wanted me to sign the contract, I noticed that there was one line that sort of said that several times a year I’d have to come in to work but not get paid for it. When I asked them what they meant by “several times a year”, they responded by saying “just a few times”. I responded by stating: “when I’m not here you don’t pay me right? Well, when I’m here you pay me. My time is money”. Luckily they were sort of desperate and just crossed out that line. Looking back, those “couple of times a year” turned out to be good 30 yours. Many cram school owners/managers will try and rip you off any way they can. Don’t trust them.

My school was more than willing to screw me over. The only problem was that I wasn’t as naive as most new teachers and we worked out a deal. I’ve been there 9 years now and am quite content. I work 18 hours a week. Walk in 15 minutes before class and am out the door in less than 15. That said, I wouldn’t trust the m$3@erf34ers.

It’ll vary by branch, but American Eagle have a reputation for demanding a lot of office hours. Make sure you ask before accepting the job.