"American Exceptionalism" lecture (true IP geeks only)

While cruising around the net today (looking for something else) I came upon this lecture by Michael Ignatieff, a Canadian professor at Harvard. It was given two weeks ago, at Trinity College in Dublin, on the theme “American Exceptionalism & Human Rights.”

Ignatieff has been described as a “liberal internationalist”, but as he says at the begining of the lecture “If you came here with Noam Chomsky in your back pocket, you’re going to be disappointed.”

I downloaded the lecture on mp3, threw it on the ol’ iPod, and listened to it while I ate dinner this evening. I found the lecture very interesting, so I thought I’d share with anyone here who is interested. Maybe you download it and listen to it while you’re eating lunch or feeling bored or whatever. I thought that if anyone had any thoughts on it (“I thought his point 2 was brilliant/ridiculous” etc.) then maybe it could spark some interesting conversations.

The reason I wrote “(true IP geeks only)” is that, well, he’s an academic – so his lecture is not exactly a Seinfeld monologue in terms of being light and funny.

Anyway, for anyone who’s interested, here’s the link:

to the mp3 itself


to the page where I found it.

Okay, I just listened to the Q&A session following Ignatieff

Pretty much everything Ignatieff says resonates with me. His honest evaluations of political events/situations are refreshing, to the point, and essential.

This recording is really interesting and informative.

You’re right, the GEEK title should be changed.

Thank you Mr. Hobbes.