American Fastfood chains in Taiwan

My Texas Tom’s cinnamon rolls experience

Don’t worry, I use Facebook and I’ve never heard of him before

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Colorado has some now as does Arizona

I actually love peanut butter burgers but I’ve always had a thing for Pb. Most Americans love Pb

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I think they’re fine in small doses. As in, a few bites. A whole greasy burger with thick peanut butter is way too heavy for me.

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Man I miss corned beef


Montreal smoked meat is, according to wikipedia, a variation on corned beef.

The guy at Yaletown is Canadian, usually there and very friendly. He told me he has to make the smoked meat himself to get it right, and he uses Wagyu beef. It really is incredible, if you’re ever in Kaohsiung do yourself a favor and check it out


The same Wikipedia article also says it is similar to pastrami. Regardless, it sure tastes much more like what we in the US call pastrami than what we call corned beef. I’ve not encountered kind of corn beef used on a Rueben in the US (also used for for corned beef and cabbage, among other things) anywhere in Taiwan. I do love the meat from Yaletown, though.

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Why the fuck is mos burger even in business? The place sucks ass. 400nt for a kid sized meal. Place looks like shit and is poorly run and the burger tastes like shit. I got more food from a breakfast joint for 100.

McDonald’s is like 10 times better for half the price.

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I think MOS Burger is gross, but do kid-sized meals there really cost NT$400?

This menu photo (from January 2023) suggests not… unless you’re talking about the options at the bottom that aren’t NT$400 and don’t seem to be kid-sized… (note the two drinks).

I think he means that the portion sizes are so small they may as well be kid sized not that the kids menu is 400 nt. I think he was being hyperbolic

But yeah I think McDonald’s and burger king is usually more expensive than most burger. Most burger does seem to be higher quality but the food is too small for me personally

I don’t know - looking at that menu and the prices, I think I could easily eat enough shitty food to feel nauseous for NT$200-250 at most, even if I was hungry. And I’m not a kid.

Just sayin’… maybe being remotely accurate would be better.

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The burger is tiny, and not all that filling. The price on the menu is for the standalone burger.

Making it a meal gives you a drink and a small bag of fries or chicken nuggets.

400nt for 2 meals, it does not look like a meal for 2 people.

You got more food than this at McDonald’s. Also place is empty at meal time when the nearby McDonald’s is still crowded, so clearly McDonald’s doing something right.

Burger at mos burger is tiny. Barely 3.5 inch in diameter.

So don’t eat there!

The thread topic, btw, has nothing to do with Mos, which is from Japan. But don’t let that slow you down.


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The burgers are also between NT$75 and NT$115, not NT$400.

What is a “kid-sized meal” in your view? Three shitty burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, and a drink? :man_shrugging:

Maybe just don’t go to MOS Burger then? Especially if, as you noted, there’s a nearby McDonald’s for fulfilling your dietary requirements.

I’ll go to Louisa when they make cold brew coffee and not that iced coffee crap.

711 (which is american but Im not so sure it counts as fast food) has a surprisingly good coffee at some locations called nitro cold brew. I’m not even that big on coffee but it was really good

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Do we need to start a new thread? there are 3 non American fast food chains in Taiwan, and 3 American, 5 if pizza places are included… but i wouldn’t include them as they are basically just take away.

American fast food: KFC, McDonald’s, burger king, subway

Isn’t that 4? Are there more?

Kfc, maccy Ds, burger king. I don’t count subway. I don’t go there if i wanna eat fast food.

Pizza : pizza hut, dominos.