American Football Leagues

are there any american football leagues that i can join in taiwan?
touch football? flag footbal?

Can’t say I know of any. Believe me, I’ve looked. As a former college football player, it is a little frustrating to not have an organized game every now and then, instead of just playing catch with a couple of my teaching buddies.

I’ve all but given up hope for this. Oh well. :raspberry:

How about some Canadian Football? More exciting, 3 downs, no fair catch (which is for pussies), wider and longer field.

We used to play in Chia Yi now and again before playing frisbee.

Please dont ever mention that GARBAGE on this thread again. There is only one true game of FOOTBALL (as in non-soccer type as I know it). :smiling_imp:

Why do you call it garbage? Because it’s not your game? Why are you bitter about a different style of football? Post concussion syndrome?

The above was meant to be taken as a joke, but you obviously took some kind of offense to it. :unamused:

But in all seriousness any type of football is alright, but straight up American Ball is the only one that matters in my book. That’s obviously cuz ive been playing it for 10 years, so yea I’m biased. :stuck_out_tongue:

try rugby. you’ll love it. taipei has a few squads. i played both, american football and rugby on the collegiate level. in retrospect, rugby was much more fun: less stoppage in play, everybody got to run the ball. as a linebacker we were coming off the field every few minutes.

american football is pretty much an offshoot of rugby. they are different but dovetail nicely. plus, rugby is to be found here.

Eh I played quite a bit of club rugby in Uni during the football offseason, and it just didn’t appeal to me as much. I think a big part is the time in between “plays”. I love the brutal physical aspect of AF as well as the chess match that is play calling in organized play.

Probably something else was all the guys I played with, including a lot of teammates on the regular team, bitched all the time about how because I was a freak of nature (huge build, but still pretty fast on my feet), it was easy for me to steamroll everyone and run amok. That was a huge turn off of the game for me, but it probably was just them.