🏈 American Football - NCAA | Two More Days!

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And then NFL only 5 days later.
What are the big games Saturday (3-day weekend, too)?

All of them!

So, you watch them all at home or veg out at a sports bar or friends’ place?

Friend’s house. What about you?

Many years ago, I’d watch them at my dad’s place outside of town. Drink some good beer, chips, etc. It’s been a long while since I’ve TV-binged on CF. I sometimes like the west coast games (ex-PAC10). The “state” games (Boise, MT, Fresno, SDSU, etc.). Lots of interesting colored turf fields, ha ha.

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Smurf turf

Opening game, Friday morning here in Taiwan, looks to be a good one. Bills @ Rams

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Great game!


Pics or it didn’t happen.

Hopefully the Bills / Chiefs on 10/17 will be a bit more exciting.

Mahomes is always exciting. His creativeness is just different from everyone else.

You didn’t like Bills-Rams? It wasn’t close in the 2nd half, but it was a top-team matchup.

Rams were way outplayed in the 1st half as well. They hardly looked like SB Champs. Bills D stymied them and the Bill’s O tore up yards at will it seemed.

Philly always makes me think of Bill Burr for some reason…

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