🏈 American Football - NFL + Super Bowl 2024

Buy shit, eat shit, drink shit and watch shit. :poop:

And Robert Kennedy wants to rule it all.

I thought “travel” too… haha

I thought the Dunkin’ Donuts commercial was funny, and I don’t care for any of them.

That’s buy. :laughing:

Literally just had a couch potato commercial, followed by dude wipes. :roll_of_toilet_paper: no shit. :poop:

Nice… interception

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The Chiefs are not really sharp so far.

Mahomes Magic unfolding

Good to capitalize on that punt!

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KC’s D is good this game. Hope they keep it going.

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Getting exciting now

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Gutsy call on 4th to not FG, but got TD.
Oops. Blocked extra point.


Tied it up!

Nail biter :laughing:

Saw that huh? :laughing:

Lot of time for Mahones to get this.

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Oh, the suspense

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Oh this is nice.

Do not go gentle!

Jesus H Christ, for the Chefs the whole seasons was a godd***** John Wick movie, Super Bowl included.

What a game.


That extra point was very important, was it not


Well, if it was made, then Chiefs would’ve had to go for TD in last few seconds of 4Q instead of the FG that tied game and out it into overtime. So, who really knows.

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