🏈 American Football - Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl LV: February 7, 2021, Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida

Funny, the tournament’s name is the same as my chip bowl.

Another Tango42 Topic saved!

Go Sports!

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Where are the watching parties? I know about brassy monkeys but any others are. Good?

Tea Bar will be open for Superbowl.

TEA BAR 米蓮娜茶餐酒吧
106, Taipei City, Da’an

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I see brassy monkey is open @3:30 am for championship games… omg how many will attend a 4:00 am game… i want to watch… but hard to justify

The Super Bowl always have three or four five six hours of pregame so it depends on if the location you’re going is showing the pregame and if you care about seeing the pregame

Went to bm last year for sb , it was ok
Just went to watch the game. Pregame no need haha

I reckon the Hammer will be open.

Looked up the hammer, Wow unique space

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It’s got a friendly neighborhood bar vibe.

I’ve watched the Super Bowl at Brass Monkey a couple times but I can’t remember if they have the real commentary, commercials, and half time show.

Usa audio from what i remember


Anyone know if/where showing in Hualien?

Come to brass monkey ill buy you a :beer: haha

Can anyone tell me what this means? Google translate doesn’t .
Its channel 083
Taipei net

Are they showing it on channel 083?


Saw one ad that says channel 75.

Parklife. Belly. On Tap. Carnegie’s. Probably everywhere else.

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Can check some of these.