American looking for Buddhist friends in Taipei, Daan, Shida (NTNU)

American travels to Taipei regularly. Looking for Buddhist friends. I hang out at Zangxi
I am a returning student of National Taiwan Normal University.
I am plugged into the Buddhist community in Taipei, Da an, Shida…

Would like to practice my Chinese.

any age, ethnic background, education level, income level, sex, it doesn’t matter!

But which tenet system do you follow? Are you a Prasangika Madhyamika? (That’s the highest.) Or a Yogacara-Svatantrika Madhyamika? Or perhaps, a follower of the heretical extremist views of Hva-shang Mahayana?

(Sorry for the questions, but you can’t be too careful these days.)

I am a Buddhist living in Taipei. I am also from America… mostly into Tibetan… But interested in all the Dharma paths. Also learning Chinese a little bit.