American new to Taipei, without ARC, having banking issues

OP said he closed all acc in the USA. The ID number works fro US citizens, but for some unrelated country the local ID number is worth nothing, unless you are talking about arc number?

If 10k cash you don’t have to declare, any amount above that you must declare. Did you declare? Unless you do or they randomly search you of course nobody will say anything if they don’t know. If upon search they find you have cash or valuables that should be declared but you didn’t then you need to pay the appropriated tax + fines. I don’t know if there are any other consequences above that, guess it depends on the amount. There are several cases of people carrying as little as 30k usd and not declaring and being send to spend a short time jail in other countries. I have no idea if it goes to this extent in Taiwan but I can’t imagine to be much different.

Owleyes , money not declared and later found is taken from what i heard

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Ok, well so far im back to square one.
I just went in to my CHB and tried to politely cash my cashiers check and as per TW told many things with the end result being my check was too big and dangerous. This is a bank? Money is money , and flat discrimination is discrimination.


You have a bank account now. That’s progress, even if you don’t feel like it.

Here’s what I’d do in your situation:

  • Find a bank back in the US that’s 100% online (one that has no physical presence will never make you show up in person. Something like Capital One 360). There are some banks that let you deposit cashier’s checks with your phone (I couldn’t tell whether Capital One 360 accepts cashier’s checks with their mobile app). I did a Google search and found a few banks that let you deposit cashier’s checks with your phone. Not sure if these banks let you open/close accounts online, though.
  • Transfer the money to your Taiwan bank account.

I’ve transferred money to myself from the US to Taiwan several times. Just ask your Taiwan Bank for their international code. It takes about 12 hours.

Call the head office on Monday
The Taipei ph number (02) 412-2222
Keep talking in English until someone comes on the line to help. Repeat issue to them and ask for help.

I’ve got an account here, I need to cash this check, I’m willing to wait until it clears to get the money , etc

Thanks , yes im calling corporate Monday , and 100% online bank great idea.

I’m still for the Guam idea.

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Indeed. Anything over 10000 USD must be declared. So you can bring in 9999 USD cash.

I think we have to do a beginner’s guide and add a warning about checks of any kind in Taiwan. This is a cash or electronic means deal.

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You are supposed to declare the cash. Otherwise, if they check, they will impound it all. That would be a problem.

All banks in Taiwan have to report on US citizens accounts, which means some extra paperwork for them and you. For details, ask Uncle Sam and blame universal taxation and money laundering.

Actually, electronic is best.

I’ve had problems exchanging cash in Taiwan before. Something about they didn’t like the serial numbers of my bills.

Yes i changed some USA currency and bills that were ragged were rejected, lucky my 100’s were crispy

Yep, certain serial numbers have been faked before and for several years now, they have been rejected or held on indefinetively by banks all over the world.


I looked into 100% online banking and i dont have a Usa phone number so maybe cant do that option…

I called the corporate they said im not stable, not here long time, check is dangerous, no arc card, need a tw local guarntor, many issues they claim and amount of check is so high … maybe im going to HK to try

me too. You are not a foreigner there.

But guam i need open a bank account and i not live there, maybe hard…
I will try HK first its cheaper flight and I have a friend can let me use there address to make an account

They have really cracked down lately I guess.
6 years ago I came to Taiwan with a check drawn on my foreign account, opened an account at Land Bank with just that NIA paper and deposited it for $10k USD the next day. Nobody said a word about it, the only requirement was it would take a month to clear.

OP sold everything, I’m guessing his check is not for a mere 10k, but more like 500k.

Which means ever single bank will flag him as a money launderer. Bad idea converting all your assets into a single check in this day and age.

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