American Optometrist Needed ASAP

Hello all,
I’m looking for a North American Optometrist who is currently practicing in Taiwan. If you know of any, please post emails as well as telephone numbers. Thanks! :astonished:

He’s not American, but he speaks perfect English. I went to see this guy on Monday to have a sist removed from the eyelid. Very nice guy, he did a great job. Unlike most doctors he’s not in a hurry and will take time to listen to you.

Dr. Wu
Zhong Shan North Road
Sec 6 No434 1st Floor
Tel 2873-4987

It is south of Taipei American School.

Hope this helps.


Hey all!
It is really important that the doctor be north-american. If you could help me out I would be very grateful :slight_smile: Please provide email and phone number if possible. Thanks so much!

My optometrist is UK-trained and from HK. He’s fluent in English and westernized if that’s what you mean.

Why on earth would he have to be North American? Just curious.