American POWs lose claim vs. Iraq

Supreme Court denies $1 billion penalty over Gulf War torture

  • David G. Savage, Los Angeles Times
    Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Washington – American pilots and soldiers who were taken
prisoner and tortured by the Iraqis during the Persian Gulf
War of 1991 have lost their legal bid to hold Iraq liable, as
the Supreme Court turned away their final appeal Monday.

The justices heeded the advice of the Bush administration
and let stand an appeals court ruling that threw out a nearly
$1 billion verdict won by the prisoners of war two years ago.

The high court’s refusal to hear the case spares the
administration from having to go before the justices to
argue against American POWs who were tortured. The 17
former POWs had sued Iraq and the government of Saddam
Hussein under the terms of a 1996 anti-terrorism law that
opened the courthouse door to claims from Americans who
had been injured or tortured at the hands of “state sponsors
of terror.”

Their story was little known, because the Persian Gulf War
was witnessed by most Americans as a TV spectacular in
which U.S. forces pounded and destroyed Iraq’s army within
weeks. But during that time, the POWs said, they were
beaten and had their bones broken by Iraqi captors. Several
of the men nearly starved in the weeks they were held in
cold, filthy cells, including at the Abu Ghraib prison near

By the time the onetime POWs won their claim in federal
court in 2003, the United States had invaded Iraq and
toppled Hussein’s government. To the surprise of the former
U.S. prisoners, the Bush administration went to court
seeking to nullify the award they had won.

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thats sad…

Not really… if you don’t want to end up a POW then don’t play toy soldiers.

The duty of a soldier is to serve his/her country. They are not compensated with large amounts of money because they shot at, blown up by land mines, get bayoneted, or just fall off the back of a truck.

Duty statements read that death torture and injury is a part of soldiery. Damn… maybe they didnt expect to have to serve, perhaps they just joined for benefits.

Sat TV -
At last, a bit of reality injected into this.
Thank You.