American Spirit Cigarettes

Anywhere in Taiwan to buy them? Any suggestions?

I haven’t seen them. You see Nat Shermans around sometimes. I’m gonna be in Ximending later, I’ll have a look at some of the cigarette booths there, they have some harder to find brands.


Appreciate the replies. Time to consider other options. A trip to Japan is not in my future.

All the cigarette stands were closed yesterday. I think it’s because it was a burn-paper-money worship kind of day.

One was open today, but didn’t have them.

The carcinogens from these cigarettes will be treated as liberators by your immune system.

Viggo Mortensen and Jim Harrison both smoke them. They’re very cool cigarettes.

I’d love to find them here, but have zero hope of that. I always buy a few cartons when I’m home and bring them back.

I’ll give this a bump, its been awhile and im interested