American Style Pizza & Sub Business Opening

Just wanted to introduce myself to the Forum and see if anyone else in in the Food business.

My taiwanese partner and I are opening a Good ol’ American Style Pizza Place (just like back home in Buffalo, NY). We are planning to open our first one in mid October.

I would love to communicate with other “Foodies” and maybe exchange ideas and service purveyor ideas and sources.

Give me a shout, would love to meet you.

Much Good Luck to you in your venture.

If curious about the Tainan market let me know.

Where do you plan to open it?

What kind of Buffalo style pizza will you be doing? Like Bocce’s?
Good luck to you!

Good luck donald. Do let us all know where and when.

You have to follow Taiwanese custom and open up next to Alleycat’s pizza restaurant, selling an inferior (but slightly cheaper) food. Use a similar name and decor.

Real Buffalo wings on the menu ?? :slight_smile:

I really appreciated the comments, and the Good Wishes.

Being a native of Buffalo , NY…of course Authentic Buffalo wings (I got the recipe directly from Anchor bar.) Will have the mild, medium and HOT, of course, unfortunately they will not be a nickle apiece like when I was a kid. Hell for 2 bucks you could get a pitcher and 20 wings,blue cheese and celery… now that was living.

Actually the dough is very similar to Bocces’ but the sauce will not be as spicy. I loved Bocces’ as a kid.

The first store is planned for Science Park in Hsinchu , near the end of this year, but if all goes well we will expand all over Taiwan.

So far I am having some trouble getting the particular cheeses and meats for the subs, and some of the tomato products for the sauces…so yes COWBOY, would love to chat with you. Trucking the items within Taiwan will not be a problem.

Again Thanks for your warm welcome, and looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you over a large cheese / pepperoni.

mmmm. Im gettin hungry :hungry:

Can a sista get a deep dish Chicago style pizza. :smiley: :laughing:

Is that Hsinchu? Sorry, sometimes the romanization here is a bit confusing. So that’s not Taipei, right? Your biggest market would be Taipei, of course – hope your second store is there (here). :smiley: I’m being selfish of course.

Anyway, like others I wish you the best of luck here. :wink:

OK, try to get in touch with estoretaiwan, they can help you import more special foodstuffs, if your volumes are right. The owner is known as proto_tw on forumosa.

Make sure you use Margherita fine stick for your pepperoni if you really want it to be Buffalo style. If not Bocces, then which pizzeria will you be trying to replicate in Taiwan?

If you really want to introduce upstate NY’s fine cuisine to Taiwan, you could offer a Garbage Plate ala Nick Tahoes. Perfect end to the all night binge !

Gotta love wiki - they have it all:

Happy to hear you are opening in Hsinchu. An alternative to Friendys, the only edible pizza in town, will certainly be welcomed.

For a couple of years now I’ve dropped that idea around with lots of support. We could use some sandwiches from ‘Manny’s’ as well.

For a couple of years now I’ve dropped that idea around with lots of support. We could use some sandwiches from ‘Manny’s’ as well.[/quote]There was an article in this month’s Compass magazine about a good deep dish pizza place in Taichung. It’s out of town a bit and you really need your own transport to get there, though.

You still around?
How are those expansion plans going?

I think the Bufflo wings are a perfect fit to Taiwan’s market. Most ROC students in the US just love the stuff.