American-style Seafood Restaurant?



Looking for something … skinless, “shell-less”, boneless, headless :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still new at learning to enjoy seafood, but everything tastes the same to me because it’s all cooked with the skin/shell, so none of the flavor can absorb. It’s usually steamed or boiled, so it’s … so healthy… so fishy… I’m also not fond of hot, yellow shrimp brains exploding over my hand O__o man that’s some culture shock – I’m really bad at aiming where to cut the head off without losing 20% of the meat lol.

I’m looking for an American style place where if I eat shrimp/fish – ideally, if shrimp, it’d be cut and peeled, with the crap tube scooped out lol. A place where my food doesn’t stare at me while I eat it :slight_smile: possibly saucy and fiery gains extra points (opposed to boiled/steamed).



I don’t know how any of that can be termed “American-style”. Maybe keep-it-simple style.

All the great seafood places I go in US you get the food almost in the same state as it was in the water.

Culture shock? I’ve been eating shrimp all over the USA since birth with yellow brains exploding all over my hand. That’s some GOOD STUFF.

The real difference from America is that the quality is not as good and they serve the fish with the head and also eat the inside parts of some fish.

I guess I’ll suggest some chains like Texas Roadhouse and Hooters where I would not really consider eating seafood but it’s served much simpler than Taiwan restaurants.

Even the nicest hotels in Taiwan mostly serve their seafood as is.


Um … Texas Roadhouse? There’s a branch in the Xinyi area.

Or NCISushi (North American style sushi), although I suspect that’s not what you’re looking for.


O wow I had no idea there were TX Roadhouses here – thanks!

– and ooooh the Sushi place looks nice – it wasn’t what I had in mind for the post, but it’s something I’ve been looking into.

I found this AWESOME fusion sushi place in TianMu … I think it’s called LA Sushi? Give that a shot, if you’re into that.

American style seafood = boneless, skinless, headless, deshelled, usually pan-fried.

True! Just came out of the water – then deskinned, deboned, with no head/tail, and probably pan fried :wink:

O__o where you eating this stuff? Tribal villages? I’ve never seen 1 head on my plate in 'Murka until I visited Asia lol.


Recommending Texas roadhouse for seafood is like recomending McDonald’s for the filet-o-fish. :slight_smile:

There was a long John silvers here but it’s long gone I guess.


You could try Nola Kitchen. They have one behind the Sheraton, and one at Xiangshan station.


There’s that steak and lobster place (that’s all they do). I’ll link to it tomorrow if nobody else does it before then.


I think it’s a good recommendation for the OP.


oh if I went to Texas Roadhouse it wouldn’t be for the seafood :stuck_out_tongue: i went a bit off topic.


If you’re at a Taiwanese place, ask for dishes with “xia ren” which are peeled shrimp by definition. Veining may vary but they normally will be.


Le Blanc in Taipei. Steak and lobster. Definitely worth a try. Daughter enjoyed seafood for the first time here. My wife just loved the lobster too.


Expensive, but lots of fun and LOTS of food.


oh man, Long John Silvers is gross. Ordered a meal there once in L.A. and the lady just around opened a cabinet pulled out a meal box and gave it to me chicken, coleslaw all sitting in the box probably for hours.


That looks good. How expensive is expensive? It seems it wouldn’t be worth it unless you got one of those seafood boils with king crab legs or lobster. I guess that’s what you probably got.


They charge by weight. I remember last time I went with a group of around 8-12 people and still ended up spending over 1000NT per person.

I don’t recommend going often, but if you want to try something different with the family, definitely worth a visit since you aren’t given any utensil and are mostly using your hands! They do provide huge sinks to wash your hands afterwards.


Long John Silver or Red Lobster?


Why not just buy some Captain Highliner fish sticks?:laughing:


This is like some dude moving to Milan and looking for SpaghettiOs…


Dude, yer making me hungry! Now all I need is some Raviolios and a box of red wine and it’s fine dining time.


Damn youuuu!!!

This and some Chef Boyardi would totally hit the spot right meow.