American-style Seafood Restaurant?



Went there once and never again. Shrimp daddy uses old frozen and overcharges. Why pay for frozen seafood when there are fresh tanks of live seafood all over TW. Also they way overcharge.


Jeez, never mind a 45-minute bus ride to the seafood market in Keelung, super fresh, you can eat 'til you go blind, and it costs Jack Shit.


Don’t forget some Kraft Parmesan Cheese powder



When I think of American seafood, this crap comes to mind. Ok, New England clam chowder ain`t bad or New Orleans seafood dishes


Ok, how about this – when I say American-style seafood, I’m not saying FAST FOOD lol… I’m saying the style:

  • Shrimp with the heads popped off, deshelled, and the poop tube scooped out of the back.

  • Fish without heads/guts.

  • Usually baked with a crispy outside

  • Cooked with herbs, spices, sauces (usually herbs/spices cooked DIRECTLY to the main meat, not on the outside of the fish where none of that flavor soaks in)

When I go to a fresh seafood place in Taiwan, if I order shrimp, they just hand you whole shrimp. They’re fresh and tasty, but they’re a bit boring – no extra flavors, cooked with shell so any additional flavoring (IF there’s anything) gets completely voided out because it doesn’t soak beyond the shell, etc.

Or fish, same deal – it doesn’t matter how it’s cooked, it tastes the same every time.

And local is usually cooked in hot water or something – it’s always slimy and never crispy on the outside. Give me some baked fish, man :wink:


I doubt you will get fishes without heads anywhere. Asian people think it’s weird to not eat the head as it’s the most flavorful part


Fish cheeks man!

Also people don’t eat fish with guts here generally.


Shrimp daddy is good. I always come out of that place full.


been to that sushi place twice, totally dig it. wish there was more of this style of sushi around. not sure if the locals are really that into it though.


“Seafood” has another funny/negative meaning now in Taiwan.
So, don’t be surprised if you ask some Taiwanese about “Seafood” and he/she bursts into laughter.


Gotta cook it yourself. I like to buy shelled shrimp at the market, and quickly saute with some garlic, butter, red pepper, top with some sea salt and cilantro. Salad, some french bread, and dinner is served in less than 5 min. One time I bought this really nice looking filet at the market. after I bought it, I asked which fish it was and was so freaked out by the purple fish from Penghu. So I beer battered it. Good stuff. The only problem with this is that now my husband expects me to cook. If he’ll do the dishes, I’ll cook.