American + Taiwanese Marriage in Taiwan

Hi Everyone,

I’m an American planning to get married to my Taiwanese fiance soon, with the eventual goal of both of us working in the US. While waiting for the green card (via I-130), my fiance prefers to stay in Taiwan, so we will get married in Taiwan, and she will remain there after the hypothetical marriage and I will come back to the US.

I found some instructions here for a US citizen, but it is for an American with an Alien Resident Certificate already living in taiwan.

My question is, does anyone know if there are any difficulties/roadblocks I might encounter in getting married in Taiwan on an American tourist visa?

Thanks! Cheers!

Just know that the whole process will take a year or more.

I’ve just heard back from USCIS after a year…make sure your wife fills out the I-130A too

Mind if I ask which Service Center your case was assigned to?

Just saw this lol - It was in Nebraska I think.

Still waiting for the visa paperwork to be done.