Americans are nice

Originally posted by : I smacked the guy in the head and ripped my flag off his backpack. Americans are the most arrogant, self rightous and violent people in the world.

Hey, Proud Canadian. Take your ugly “feuille d’erable” flag, wrap it around your big white “Wienerschnitzel” and go to the Mohawk reservation in Quebec and tell those Mohawks to suck your big, proud “hostie Wienerschnitzel canadienne”. And if those “hostie” Mohawks refuse, then smack them on the head, you righteous “con”.

Ya, and whenever I see those stupid Canadian flags on backpacks I wanna puke. It’s like,“by the way, folks…I’m CANADIAN.” Well, that’s great, you’re Canadian, so therefore…you…uh…are proud to be a Canadian. Well, that’s nice. Now go take your gravy french fries “poutine” and shove em up your “queue” because you suck. Any Mohawk or Quebeqois separatist would agree that your imperialist chipper blind pride is a piece of “merde”.

But the only reason I’m picking on you is because I’m lowly enough to insult others. But even Albert Einstein did that when he said that he despises all who march in rank and file and that those people only needed a spinal chord - what’s the use of a brain if you’re just marching for your country? Dork.

Like Albert Einstein used to go to school back in Germany, thinking,“I’m GERMAN!” and “I’m JEWISH! I wanna put a big Star of David on my backpack and a big happy German eagle thingy on top of it!” He even stuck out his big, German Jewish tongue at people like YOU who don’t need a brain.

Ya, whatever. You’re a Wienerschnitzel.

Wow, I thought I was zdubid.

All I can say is… I’m proud to not be proud of being an American. But I’m not ashamed of being an American. I think people who look down on me for it are shallow. All of us little tax-paying people are just pawns. The “America” and “Germany” that people despise are a small group of business people with money and politicians with a military to back them up.

Well, that did it, the CD is over and I’m not drunk anymore.

So, anyway, in conclusion, one thing I like about Taiwan is you don’t get many people who are proud patriotic wienerschnitzels.

I mean, I can understand being proud of a small community of your friends or even your hometown. Like…um…Edmonton?(A.K.A.: “Hicksville, Alberta”)

But to be proud of an entire nation is just too monochrome. It only makes sense as a form of insecurity. Like your wienerschnitzel is sooooooo small and helpless that you have to say,"well…well…it’s a CANADIAN wienerschnitzel. And my good Betty Crocker CANADIAN MOMMY says that it’s as good as peanut butter and jelly and granola. And those Mohawks say-OOOOOOOOOOO, they just came in and chopped off my wienerschnitzel with their tomahawk. oooooooooooooooo.

Actually, folks, “Proud Canadian” is just fooling us to get things roudy in here. It’s all B.S. Do you really think anybody that stupid could actually exist? Well, I did for a while but I was a bit drunk.

Hey Boo Lie Enema,

I think when you say “America” you mean to say “The Americas” Thank you!


I have a backpack ( day pack ), with the flags of all the countries I have been to sewn on the back. I am proud of my backpack, not because it shows my nationality, but because it shows my travels, and is a great conversation starter, and an even better way to pick up ‘chicks’.

I have a backpack that I cut the label off of and has absolutely nothing on it that says anything original about me at all. I think it says “f*ck off” and it’s a good way to tell stupid people with flags on their backpacks that they suck and to go away.


Hey folks: This is a Canadian guy, formerly known as proud. I’m really just a guy from Canada who has not lived there in six years. I do not wear a Canadian flag on my backpack, I’m not nationalistic and I don’t go around being proud.

But you can see that in the posts before mine, people were dissing and making fun of the Canadian flag, so I responded with how I felt at the time. Seems what pissed people off was the use of the word proud - like I’m some kinda flag waver - or the mention of how I smacked someone who was imposing a Canadian and told a real Canadian to fuck-off, thirteen years ago.

Canada is NOT America, and Canadians are very different than Americans. Our history is different, our geography is different, our languages are different, our artwork, literature and music IS different, not to mention that the babes are healthier and more beautiful.

These facts must be difficult for Americans to see, because as Canada has only 10% of their population, we might seem like some fringe state to them. That and the fact that they imagine all the world wants to be like them. But from our perspective, America is a big, loud, arrogant and violent country, bent on global hegemony.

Another incredible thing about American ‘democracy’ is that any dissenting opinion is flamed out. It’s like saying: We support freedom of speech, unless it conflicts with our views. Freedom of speech “yes”, but suffer the consequences if we disagree.

It’s is amazing that Americans feel they can joke about the Canadian flag, insist that Canadians are American, and then when a Canadian speaks up, it seems to be mostly Americans that gang up on him.

What ever happened to democracy? Freedom of Speech? Alternate Opinions Diversity?

Hey, I only said it because I was taking the piss, but actually it’s true. The word ‘America’ really does refer to both continents North America and South America, at least in it’s original meaning, so it’s pefectly fair to say Canada is part of ‘America’. It’s unnecessary to say ‘the America’s’, this is just a convention to differentiate between the common usage meaning of ‘America’ which is used to mean the USA. Canada, Peru, Costa Rica and Surinam are all part of America.

America was named after Amerigo Vespucci. This is from something I read about him:

The German clergyman-scholar Martin Waldseem

Just ignore this Canadian guy. He’s an idiot.

True. Afterall, he is Canadian.

I’m really getting sick of the whole “babes” thing from the proud Canadian. I guess mentioning babes makes you sound more virile and oh so hetero.

Canadians (and this one in particular) simply have an identity crisis. To alleviate the pain of this crisis they resort to hitting unsuspecting strangers, drinking themselves into oblivion at every given opportunity, lying to relatively naive women in bars in order to get their di*** wet and insisting that their culture has some morsel of redeeming value in the eyes of the rest of the world.

This “Canadian Guy” is striving to prove that Canadians are the true and direct descendents of neanderthals. What an a**!

dbbowman said:

quote[quote]Canadians… simply have an identity crisis. To alleviate the pain of this crisis they resort to hitting unsuspecting strangers, drinking themselves into oblivion at every given opportunity, lying to relatively naive women in bars in order to get their di*** wet and insisting that their culture has some morsel of redeeming value…[/quote]
what - all Canadians? wow. I had no idea that I was such … scum. damn

I forgot to add the parenthetical that Maoman, and such other Canadians that he deems worthy, are excluded from the broad generalization of Canadians that I previously made. However, under no circumstances shall the “Proud Canadian” be excluded from aformementioned generalization.

Yes v, the babes thing is stupid. It was a goofy carry-over other people’s posts. Trying to write in terms important to them. No more.

Yeah, no more. I’ve had it with this bunch of, let me assume, mostly white, mostly male, mostly ameriKKKan and mostely English teacher dweebs. Exactly the kind of white trash I’ve flown hundreds of thousands of kilometers to avoid.

I do not visit Oriented to get flamed and read trash, but to express my own, and read other’s opinions. A few people posted stupid messages dissing my flag, and by extension my people, and I responded defensively. Look at the heaps of trash, way worse than anything I wrote, slinged at me buy these immature f*cks. Yes, I dislike most Americans, and this thread should explain part of the reason why.

No more from me kiddies, I’m outta here.

all i know is that this guy is a raving lunatic. what a fu**ing nut!

Good riddance. He is trying to give his fellow country people a bad name. I hope he goes home and stays in Saskachawan (sp?) and gets a nice job bussing tables or cleaning bathrooms in a mall or something.

To All,

I’ll let the Canadians decide how they want to be called. It’s true that they’re technically in America. But if the term “American” isn’t appropriate, it’s up to them (hell, I’ve never heard one being called “American”). However . . .

If you want to get a lot of people SOUTH of the US border angry, tell them that they shouldn’t be called “Americanos”. It’s different from country to country, but the majority of them will tell you that they’re American, too.

And as far as how peaceful Canadians are, that’s a bunch of shite. The only reason they’ve never been truly involved in any international conflict is because they’ve never needed to be. Good for them, and smart of them. Granted, they’ve often (not always) followed the US’ lead in military decisions (they wanted their stake in the Kuwait war, too). But honestly–doesn’t the idea of being attacked by Canadians sound like being attacked by Iowa?

No aggressor nation is willing to attack Canada because they’ve always been under the de facto umbrella of the US defense. So they have the diplomatic luxury of being able to enjoy the benefits that the US defense buffer entitles them too, without having to take the same knocks as a defender.

But please don’t assign their diplomatic stance as something sprung from a superior ethos.

As far as the whole wearing-the-Canadian-flag issue, I’ve never met a Canadian who didn’t think it was a benefit. But please don’t try to make it sound like it’s something YOU did personally. If you’re trying to protect the reputation of the Canadian image overseas, I think you might want to pull some of your own countrymen into line. I think the a**hole-to-regular-guy ratio is pretty even among English-speaking countries.

But “Canadian Guy” definitely pulled down the average for his country a few notches.

I know it’s Canadian terrorists behind this attack on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon (…or should I call it “The Square”? “The Triangle”?) Those bastards!

It’s that Canadian guy, back for a moment to express my sincere sadness and sympathy for the people of New York, and my anger and frustration at the inhuman violence directed at innocent Americans.

I may have a problem with American policy, or those who degrade the Canadian flag. And I had pointed out that many people hate America. But I want to make it clear that I personaly do not.

I feel bad that my last post in this thread came just before the awful attacks, and that this may have compounded the frustration and saddness that the American folks would be feeling the next day.

We may disagree and argue, and I feel that we each have the right to do so. But on at least one thing we can certainly agree: That the attack in New York is a terrible tragedy, and an inhumane manifestation of hatred and evil that degrades the entire world.

Like a relationship between a big brother and a little brother, I may feel that the big brother is arrogant, mean and pushy sometimes, but what hurts him hurts me too.
My sincerest condolences to all.

Hey Canadian Guy,

Put your money where your mouth is. Go get one of those patches or stickers that show the intertwined Canadian and American flags (you can get them in airports, downtown Toronto and Vancouver for sure, as well as any number of border towns) and put it on your backpack, jacket, bookbag, briefcase or whatever. I’ve already sent an e-mail to my bro back home, asking him to be on the lookout for one and to send it along to me.

Like the Danish king who wore the Star of David in public to show his solidarity with the Jewish citizens of Denmark after the Nazis insisted that all Jews be publicly identified, I think that this might be a good way of expressing our solidarity with Americans.

Originally posted by Bu Lai En: Hey proud Canadian. Canadians are Americans too, you idiot. It's the same continent. You wearing a maple leaf on your pack, is just like some US southerner wearing a confederate flag to differentiate himself from yankees. Maybe those Americans wearing Canadian flags want to differentiate themselves from the militant idiots that rule the US. Being as 'proud' in your country as you are is plain chauvinistic. Why don't you do something worthwhile so that yu can be proud in yourself, rather than taking pride in something that wasn't your achievement at all.


Bu Lai En…are you for real? Oh, I guess you are… my loser meter went into overdrive on my desktop.