Americans-gotten a Chinese visa through agent here recently?

Have any U.S. expats been successful in getting a visa for China through a travel agency here? I’m not sure whether we can now or not. I asked a travel agent who said they would “get back to me.” But, they haven’t. What’s the latest on that? Do we have to fly over and stop in Hong Kong to get it?

Yes, however you can get it in HK airport, it takes 5-6 hrs.

Read here for further info:

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[url]Visiting China from Taiwan

You can get your visa from here in Taiwan through an agent. The difference now is that our agent told us that it must be sent to the China Embassy in the USA for document verification instead of having it done in HK. Costs a little more now and takes more time. I got my China visa this way about 2 months ago.

Mr. He, that is pretty interesting information. I might do that for last minute biz trips when time does not allow me to get it first in Taiwan. Even though HK has the best airport in the world, I wouldn’t want to spend so long there when I just simply transit.

The Chinese visas are available from Booth A4, on the most left side, when coming out of the arrivals area.

Right opposite this, you will find an excellent (for the place) replica of an English Pub - also you will find W.H. Smith nearby, so you can buy a copy of The Economist and a pint of Guiness and then sit and read your day away.