Americans living overseas, what's your party affiliation?

For American living overseas, are you a Democrat or Republican?

  • Democrat
  • Republican
  • Independent

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Just wondering, really…not trying to incite any sort of party riots here.

A simple Dem/GOP answer would suffice. And if you are an independent and feel so strongly inclined to say so, feel free to do that.

The polls seem broken to me. Oh well.

Poll is not working.

You have to change to pro-silver style to make the poll work. It’s like the viagra of forumosa.

[quote=“Dr. McCoy”]You have to change to pro-silver style. . . .[/quote]Don’t be alarmed if you experience an electrical tingling sensation in your brain. That goes away in a few days.

I must be the only one with a working poll. Maybe they should have an option for Tea Partier and one for Obamabot.


Life ain’t as simple as Poli Sci 101.


Life ain’t as simple as Poli Sci 101.[/quote]

Of course, which is why I didn’t choose to post this thread in the politics forum. Really just want to see how overseas Americans align themselves politically.

Party affiliations are for people that don’t know how government really works

I’m on the George Clinton bandwagon…