America's Love of Male Trees Could Be Why You're Sneezing Right Now

Pretty interesting, I didn’t know a lot of this. I thought about posting it in the slippery slope thread :slight_smile: Is it just me, or is this less of an issue here? There doesn’t seem to be too much concern about trees dropping stuff.


Lol. I had no idea the patriarchy was responsible for my allergies.


Guess we will see if @fredsmith comments on this, his field of expertise

I am Groot!

Nice article. It is interesting how many western nations are ocd enough to plan,grow out and plant throughout cities male only tree clones because the logistics for city beautification warrants cost savings. And yet somehow didnt think about pollen allergies.

To be fair though, agriculture causes far more of that pollen than all the city streets and parks plantings combined.

We as a species have 3 easy options though:

Eat less, sneeze less
Eat more, sneeze more
Stop wasting shit and much of these problems go away.

That would creat economic decrease which could be remedied by more socialism minded reform to balance out wealth with said down turn. But thats bad. So lets keep rolling til everyone is breathless.

Those bradford pear trees definitely smell “male” to me :nauseated_face:

I’ve heard them referred to as “jizz trees.” :sunglasses:

Well, if you look at gingko trees and why they chose male over female you might understand the logic. Males get a bad rap for being messy and stinky, but can clean up well. But actual filthy and an unavoidable smell is the female domain. So says the gingko anyway. Seemingly many other species follow this trend haha :wink:

But its a mess problem. Dry seeded plants are okish but they clog city drains, stain sidewalks, cause rot in buildings etc etc. It makes sense not to use female trees. Itnalso makes sense to use evergreens. But trees with a fleshy fruit should be even more careful. Like cherry/plum (sakura), gingko, crab apple, ficus sp etc. I always find it interesting the 2 sides of silly. One side wants uber clean pretty everythingm. Otherside is starving and homeless. So they plant things that are messy and inedible instead of planting something edible amd thus (in cities) avoiding the mess. Plant yummy cherries not silly temple flower varieties. Plant real apples instead of red tinged leafed types that taste like ass. Some places are embracing this in parks and the like. But seems everyone is afraid of liability so it hasnt caught on yet. Though i wonder if the 1 to 3 homeless people a year lawyering up and sueing the city for pesticide residue on streetside fruit tree produce would cost more than what is saved on beautification and logistics in having healthier, fed, homeless folks. Would be an interesting thing to look into.2