Among the Head-Hunters of Formosa


I have been digging around on the net looking for some rare books on Taiwan history, and came across this little gem. The book was written over two years from 1916-18 by Janet B. Montgomery McGovern, an Anthropologist who came to Taiwan to teach English to the children of the Japanese officials in power at the time. If you skip the long-winded introduction and preface, it is a riveting read.

You can download it here.


Thanks for sharing that, I’m looking forward to reading this one!


No problem, it really is a fascinating account of life in Taiwan a hundred years ago.


Looks interesting
In a similar vein I found a book in my university’s library talking about the manchurian incident, published 1933 I think. That was really interesting, especially as it seems to take Japan’s side. I can’t remember the name though.


If you want a clean e-book version (reflowable text, modern formatting, with errors fixed), you can buy one from us for the princely sum of NT$60:

Alternatively to get SMC’s hardback version at a very reasonable price, visit the SMC bookshop near Gongguan MRT.


Thanks for that! Will be getting a copy when I get home from work. I prefer paper books, but live in the south do you guys sell hard copies?

Will get the digital soon as I’m impatient and 60nt is hard to say no to for such an intriguing title!

Glad to be aware of the website, and camphor press is the perfect name :slight_smile:


Every time I scroll past this topic in the list I misread it as “Among the Headhunters of Forumosa”, and I’m like, why would anyone hang out with them?


Same here.


So are you going to read it?


Just bought an E copy but haven’t figured out how to find it and download haha