Amsterdam's oldest prostitutes retire!

This story is good for a laugh!

I have a flight to cancel.

[Beavis and Butthead]Hehehhhehheh… Fokkens… hehehhhehheh…[/Beavis and Butthead]

50 years of work and 350,000 clients (between the two of them, probably). That works out to about 10 men per day for each of them. Or between them, 1 out of every 10 men in Holland.

(16 million, divided by 2 for male population = 8 million, minus 2 million to eliminate young boys = 6 million. Noting that an uncertain percentage of their clientele would have consisted of foreigners and/or women. And ignoring the problem of calculating population as a flow of births and deaths–i.e., all the males who were of age at some point during those 50 years–rather than a stable, static figure.)

:bravo: (But surely some were repeat customers…)

Anyone recognize any of them?

Your mamma.

Interesting that they said the legalization of prostitution made their relationships with the johns worse. Maybe before, the feeling that both were doing something illegal added a little camaraderie to the exchange.

Seaking of fine wine, my granny was going strong with boyfriends at age 99. And she got her lawn mowed as a bonus.
Lovely woman her.