An affordable office to rent?


I want to open an English Business consultancy to teach business english. Can anyone give me advice in general?

Also, I would appreciate any advice on how to rent an office…i.e where to go, how much to pay, what to expect and any pitfalls to avoid

Martin :help:

I think your best bet would be asking Taiwanese friends who run their own businesses and subletting from them. You could probably offer to help teach them a bit and get a good deal on office space.

Hope this is helpful.

you can probably find at the universities, people who want to learn english and who can intro you to relatives who might have office space.

if you don’t mind my 2 cents, you might want to wear a suit and tie, that will set you apart from other english teachers. I am a huge fan of Taiwan, people here a very nice and work very hard. If someone dresses well as they would in the West, and tries to learn the local language, (as an immigrant would in the US, say) it can make starting a business that much easier. :rainbow: