An earthquake survival debate


The chances of survival for people trapped under a fallen roof are very low and no meaningful defense against this scenario exists, whereas sheltering under a table or bed offers tangible head protection, Shih said.

US research has shown that people found in the locations that Copp recommends are more likely to be killed or hurt in a structural collapse, not less, he said.



So, who to believe?!


I’m curious, are there buildings in Taiwan that are like top of the line earthquake proof/withstanding technology? Is this something people can look for when they buy a house?


I suppose you can look for design features like these.

I don’t know about “ISO 9001 Earthquake Resistant” type stuff, but I assume it exists.


Broadly speaking buildings with a steel structure are more resistant to those built using reinforced concrete. However, the former tend to shake more even during strong winds, especially on the higher floors, so if you are sensitive to movement that might not be the best option…

That being said, it also depends a lot on construction execution, for instance on where the steel bars are joined together. Talk to your trusted structural engineer for more details :slightly_smiling_face: