An effective ophthalmologist for conjunctivitis

I have had a conjunctivitis (not contageous according to both doctors I’ve seen for it) for about a month now. I wake up with my eye(s) glue shut almost everyday and have all sorts of nasty things irritating my eyes. I have had conjunctivitis before, mostly due to my allergies, but not nearly on this scale. I saw one doctor at Mackay and one at Cathay, but it still hasn’t gone away. I have taken steroid eye drops and ones that are supposedly steroid-free (although the word “anatolzine” listed as an ingredient makes me suspicious). I am afraid that I am going to do some irreparable damage to my eyes if I don’t get relief soon.

Can anyone recommend a good ophthamologist before I go blind?

I went to a Dr. He on Heping East Road near the corner of Xinsheng South Rd. and Heping E. Rd… His clinic is on the north side of Heping. I thought he was pretty good. His clinic has been there for ages, so he must be doing something right. He speaks enough English to understand your problem, but don’t expect him to talk to you for more than a minute or two.

Go to AIT’s website. Download their list of English speaking and American trained MDs.

My husband’s an opthalmologist who speaks English. Don’t know whether he’ll give you more than two minutes though. He’s a man, after all, and you’re part of the ignorant masses with little knowledge of how the human body functions.

He’s at the Taipei Medical University Hospital(北醫), located in the jumble of streets south of the World Trade Center and east of Keelung Rd. Apparently many buses running along SinYi Rd. go there. His name is Wei-Cherng Hsu (徐維成) and his phone number is 27372181 Ext. 3217. He has clinics there on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, Thursday night, and Friday morning and afternoon.


PM me. I will look for a contact for you. He works in the west side at a public hospital most days (but has his lasik clinic too)

The guy is good, trained in HK, fluent English.

Most common viral conjunctivitis would only last for a few days to two weeks. Depending on your symptoms, maybe the doctor is suspecting it’s an ocular allergy only, that’s why he gave you antazoline eye drops which is an antihistamine commonly found in eye drops for allergies. Severe itchiness is usually a common symptom. Are there any preauricular lymph nodes? (nodules found in front of the ear) Some conjunctivitis would last for more than one month and we call it chronic, included are those transmitted through intimate contact, and would require a different medications which sometimes include oral drugs. You should review your history carefully with your doctor.

Hey, I have that too. Which is why I have to get lasik, mentioned in this thread here:
[Laser Eye Surgery

Anyway, I’ve had this since I was in high school. I guess I wore my contacts too long. Now that it’s been double digit years later (sadly) I’ve come to the near end of my contact wearing life.

I got the same symptoms you did, and really, it took me 3 months to heal. I couldn’t wear contacts at all. (Or do any sports, which really killed me). And after it healed, I couldn’t wear my contacts for more than 2 or 3 days of the week. Another 4 years later, I can only wear them for 6 hours a week, and I spread them out – 2 hours on Monday, 2 on Wed, 2 on Sat.

Sucks I tell you.

If you hate wearing glasses, like me, I’d suggest you leave the contacts out of your eyes for a few months. And if not… get lasik like me… though the procedure freaks me out to no end.

I can personally recommend an old language exchange friend, Dr. Wang2 Tai4yuan2 王泰元, of Ren2Ai4 Hospital. He is extremely intelligent, conscientious, and stays on the cutting edge of medical knowledge. His English is quite good too, and if you challenge him to chess or pingpong you’ll make a new friend.

My understanding is that conjunctivitis is very contagious so you can easily reinfect yourself from your towel or touching your eye etc. My daughter’s recent bad case was fixed very quickly with GARABETA eyedrops from our local pharmacy (NT150).