An Inflatable Globe

A la Michael Palin in “Around the World in 80 Days” (Wouldn’t mind finding that on DVD either, come to think of it. And maybe “Fawlty Towers”)

Props for a “Travel English” class

They have them at the science museum gift shop in Shilin. Some are only 6 inches (NT$80?) and are useless. Others are up to 12 inches in diameter and sell for about NT$270?

In fact, I met Michael Palin in 1989 at the Royal Geographic Society just before he gave a humorous speech about his RTW in 80 days trip to the Expedition Advisory Committee.

He didn’t walk silly at all.

They have them on the online auction sites too, like here: … %AE%F0&c=0

Or you can walk into any one of your local neighborhood stationery/book shops, either the mom-and-pop places or chains like Kingstone, etc.

Problem is, those are usually in Chinese. I have a small blow-up globe (in Chinese) that I use in conjunction with my big-ass world map (in English).