An ironing board

Does anyone know where I can buy an ironing board? I’ve got the iron but I’d like to find an ironing board.

Thanks a lot.

I am in Taipei city, so any suggestions for places in the city would be best for me.

There’s a shop up Xinyi Rd - toward Yongkang St from Xinsheng Sth, on the north side - that usually has quite a few ironing boards on display outside. It’s an electronics shop. Don’t remember the name, but if you want I’ll find out for you.

Ikea has 'em. They’re nicer looking - wood and plain white cotton - (and higher!) than the floral monstrosities that are sold locally.

Thanks a lot, Tetsuo and Maoman. I will check both places out.

Thanks again. I guess I’ll have hours of happy ironing to look forward to soon–that’s a good think, I think? :s

Costco has at least two different ones there. They are monster sized American ones though. Maybe not suitable for smaller Taiwan homes, but if you need a big strong one…

If you’re close to the TongHua/LinChiang nightmarket there’s one in the curtain shop that’s close to LinChiang (nightmarket street) and GuangFu. Medium, standing (not sitting or kneeling) board for about $200NT.

The standard US large ones gotta goto Costco, Carrefour, RT-Mart, or B&Q. Costs about $750NT.

Geant/Sunrise Dept Store (B1)Zhong Xiao Rd. near Yongchun MRT station (blue) B1.

monckbucket seems to be selling one, check out the link in his post in the buy-sell forum, “Big sale in Xizhi” or so … Xpet.