An Obama rally in Taipei?

First things, I don’t hang in the international politics section too often. Instead, I usually browse the events and restaurant discussions. So I’m sorry if I haven’t sifted through this whole section to see if this has been talked about but–

I want to know if there is interest in having an Obama event here in Taipei. I’m fairly good at organizing things and could find a venue and wprk out the logistics. No problem. Just a few questions…

  1. would it fly? would enough people show up for the event to be successful? (I would say a couple hundred would be needed to be called a success)

  2. Is it legal to have a rally for a US candidate in a foreign country? I don’t want to have a fundraiser cause that just gets sticky. Would the Obama campaign send me signs, posters etc for the event here?

  3. Has anyone ever been involved in political rallys before? Who would I get to speak? Is there anyone here that could recommend people?

I’m seriously considering Sunday November 2 as the date. What do you think? Suggestions? if you want to talk privately, email me at djmarcusa at gmail dot com

Remember the ‘secret’ handsign…

why would you want a rally here? how would it change things? who would you be aiming it at: can anyone go or is it just preaching to the converted?

would it be an Official leg of the World Rally Championship? (we need another leg in Asia apart from the Malaysia rally)

An Obama rally? In Taipei? WHY? I would have thought AIT would be the people to ask.

Sounds like an awesome idea. And the publicity for Obama is great.
You’d all be on CNN.

Make it a fundraiser. I bet Obama has a campaign representative on the island. Certainly the DNC has a rep. (I know the Republicans are organized here … raising money and ‘getting out the vote.’)

So try to find the Obama or DNC rep. If that fails, just organize a ‘fundraiser’ however you see fit - just make sure the funds find their way to the campaign … hahaha.

Will Obama himself show up at the rally? That’s what I want to know.

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