An odd reaction

I’ve been in Taiwan for long enough, mostly out in the sticks, so I’ve experienced a broad range of reactions to me (white guy) from the locals.

Yesterday however was a novel experience for me. Having moved to the big city, I was in the Mitsukoshi by Taipei Main Station. While waiting for the lift, I was looking round at the display when I bumped (gently) into this mid forties woman. I turn around duibuqi-ing and in return she hisses at me. Wtf? Doesn’t say anything, just a long, vicious hiss with this wicked-witch glare on her face. I kind of stared for a bit and then just started laughing.

Never seen that before. Just thought I’d share.


P.S. She was wearing a flashing KMT badge, obviously fresh from the rally. Any significance? :wink:

Much significance. People get all hyped up at political rallies.
I also somewhat doubt it was a response to a white guy, I think it was likely the response to being bumped into.

Did she have snakes instead of hair? She sounds like the type.

That sounds about normal.