An offer you CAN'T refuse (not a job)

or maybe you can.

I’m looking for someone that could help me be a better teacher. I’d like to create a situation where I helped someone teach (as an aide or just an extra person people could speak with) and they showed me how to teach. No money involved.

I’d even like to just sit in on a class if I could.

I’ve had some people appraoch me and ask if I could teach them, and the next time it happens I’d like to say yes.

Message or email me if this sounds like something you could help me with.



Wanna bet?

Just get out there in Taipei (or wherever in Taiwan you are) and meet some English teachers… pretty easy to find usually… and ask if you sit in on a class of theirs. Certainly, some won’t be thrilled with the idea and will turn you down (maybe even rudely), but you might also meet some teachers who are eager to give you some teaching tips and willing to help you out. I think you’ll have more luck asking face to face. Keep an eye open for teaching seminars as well; they are some now and then, and some are free! Good luck!


Friends of mine who’ve opened a teacher training company are going to contact you. Hope things work out.

Teacher training in Taiwan ? Hmm… should start a new thread…