An Opportunity to Contribute to Language Learning Research in Taiwan


Calling Taiwanese English speakers,

Are you interested in helping the research of English language in Taiwan? Are you interested in sharing your experience and thoughts on using English?

University of Southampton, UK, MA TESOL student Ryan Woolard is investigating the views of English speakers throughout Taiwan. This is at a time when the Taiwanese government have proposed to make English a ‘national language’. Therefore, Ryan wants to investigate how English is currently used, and what do people think about their own use of English.

Your participation can:

  • · contribute to linguistics research in Taiwan
  • · help to understand the current views about English in Taiwan
  • · help to improve language education in Taiwan
  • · help to inform policy makers in Taiwan

What: You can help by taking this 15-minute questionnaire (and optional interview at your convenience). You will be asked about your English speaking experience and your views about English in Taiwan.

Who: Any Taiwanese person who lives in Taiwan and can speak English. You must be able to read the questionnaire. If you also volunteer for the optional interview, you must be able to understand and converse in English.

When: Before January 14th2019

Where: The survey is taken online by clicking the link below. The optional interview involves meeting the researcher online for a call via Skype or What’s App.

Important: You are given the option to participate in a follow-up interview with the researcher. Please note all data collected for this project is confidential and will be fully explained to you before you consent to participate. Also, your data will be anonymous.

Click the link below to give permission and take the questionnaire.

Questionnaire link: —>

Thank you for taking part in this research!



英國Southampton大學TESOL碩士生 Ryan Woolard 正在調查全台灣英語使用者的觀點。這是關於台灣政府提議將英語列為官方語言的整體研究。因此,Ryan希望調查目前台灣人士如何使用英語,以及使用人士對自身使用英文的看法。







選擇面試者,將於線上透過Skype或What’s App與研究人員進行通話。

重要提示:您可以選擇參加與研究人員進行後續訪談。 請注意,本研究所收集到的資訊皆會進行保密。在您同意參與本研究之前,我們將會完整地向您解釋相關細節。此外,將會以匿名的方式進行。