An update for sailors

There are numerous old threads on this subject, in different fora, but as life is moving on maybe it would be nice to start a new one. No doubt it will get moved soon, but it’s here for now in the hope of being seen by everyone.

In the past sailing in Taiwan has been a near-impossibility. To keep a boat in a port it has to be licensed, which means it has to be an approved fishing boat or have some other good reason to be in the water. Pleasure sailing was not considered to be a good reason.

This is all changing now.

It is now possible to keep a boat in several places in Taiwan. There are a couple of foreign boats registered in a port close to GaoXiong, and I believe that keeping a foreign boat in Penghu is also possible.

In addition, there are two 40-foot sailing boats kept at BiSha, outside of Jilong. They are Taiwanese-owned and operated. Any Taiwanese or experienced foreigner can probably talk their way on board. I’m not associated with them any more, but can put people in touch.

I’m now sailing with a foreign skipper who has a 47-foot boat which is in Taiwan and in the closing stages of getting sailing permits. We need to register ALL crew-members this week, and are keen to make the list as long as possible. Anyone with sailing experience is welcome to contact me. You will need to provide copies of ARC and passport.

There are a couple of forumosans on the list already, and space for a few more.